Hitler's Resistance

Hitler's Resistance

A Story by .abigail.

This is a story inspired by a 'what if hitler succeeded'. in this, he did.


Number 837 crept behind the large rusting pipe. She peered around the corner, then whipped her head back as Platoon 1, Hitler’s elite, marched past. She sat down silently. There were over 100 Aryans in Platoon 1, so it would take a while for them to pass.

As they paraded past, 837 watched them. All blond haired, blue eyed, 23 year olds. All fit, all strong. All the same. They no longer wore the green Nazi uniform that they had in WWII. That was over 200 years ago. Now, they wore simple black uniforms with only their number and the swastika as decoration. Names were reserved for number one – Hitler.

Platoon 1 finished passing. 837 waited until they had turned a corner, then sprinted to the doorway of Barracks 94. Glancing around to make sure no one was watching her, she knocked on the door. Two slow, and then two fast knocks. The door opened. Slipping inside quickly, she closed it behind her.

Turning around to meet the tense eyes of nearly one hundred people, 837 said, ‘It’s tomorrow.’ Everyone relaxed slightly, but not for long. The apprehensive fear returned to their eyes as the group remembered what exactly was on tomorrow.

‘Does everyone know what they’re doing tomorrow?’ asked Number 1369. ‘Good. Just to make sure, I’ll run through it again.1152, 2367, 4987 and 2365, you’ll distract the SS, while 837 goes straight to Number 1.’ No one ever called Hitler by his name, in a superstitious fear that he could hear it. ‘When you’re there, 837, you’ll…’ he trailed off, not looking 837 in the eye.

‘I’ll what? Kill him?’ She couldn’t keep her voice from trembling with anger and fear. ‘Look, 1369. I’ve never killed. Never. I was created after Number 1 had conquered the entire planet, so I haven’t been in any of the battles like the rest of you. But if we kill him, aren’t we just as bad as Number 1 himself? So there’d be no point in doing it.’

Silence met this speech. 837 glared at those around her, then returned her gaze to 1369.

‘837.You know that if we don’t kill him, the mind control he has around the others will remain in place. They’ll fight back, 837,’ stated 1369.

Angry frustration glowered from her eyes. ‘I know. But why me? You’ve all had experience out side of our training. You’re all more capable then me.’

‘We’ve been through this before. Everyone else here has rumours and suspicion following them like a plague. You’re the only one who’s managed to be secretive enough for no one to suspect you. Plus, you’re one of his favourites, considering the help you gave him in discovering who was going to betray him.’

837 felt a stab of guilt as she remembered. Before the Resistance had broken her free from the mind control, she had helped Hitler uncover its members so he could…remove them. She still regretted it, which was why 1369 had mentioned it. He knew that she still felt remorse about it, and was guilty enough that she wanted to atone.

‘Ok, fine. I’ll do it,’ she gave in.

1369 smiled. ‘I knew you would. Do you remember what the Pjarans said? You have to shoot or injure his head, heart and hand. Otherwise, he can heal himself.’

‘Yes, yes, I remember what they said. They only contacted us last week.’

‘Actually, they contacted us again while you were at drill practice. They say that while it’s preferable that you kill him, if it’s not possible, just shoot him in two of the places and they’ll take him back to Pjara to be trialed. However, this means that the mind control won’t go away for an hour, when they get far enough away.’

837 nodded slowly, understanding what 1369 was saying. If she didn’t have the guts to kill him, she could just injure him enough for the Pjarans to take him. But it meant that the Resistance would have to survive an hour against all the loyal Aryans. All 4 billion of them. Many would die. Could she really sacrifice her friends because of her selfish beliefs?

‘Don’t worry. I’ll kill him.’ She was surprised at how steady her voice sounded, and determined. Looking deep inside herself, she was shocked to find that she meant it. Even though her whole life, all 50 years of it (even though she was only 23. Hitler genetically engineered the Aryans to remain 23.), had been spent training and learning how to kill, she had never performed the act herself.

1369 nodded, approving. ‘Right. Everyone out now, and do what you’re supposed to be doing!’

The Barracks slowly emptied, three people at a time. Finally, 837 and 1369 were the last Aryans there.  

‘Are you sure you can do this, 837?’

‘Yes. Are you sure everyone else can?’

‘I don’t know. I hope so. Otherwise, everything we’ve fought for will be for nothing.’

They stood there for a moment.

‘I have to go to drill practice. Bye.’ 837 left.

‘Good luck.’ 1369 stared after her, smirking for an unknown reason. ‘Not that it’ll help…’



The next day, after role-call, 837 had an hour of free time. The Aryans were given an hour of free time a week, but it wasn’t exactly ‘free’. They had a choice of laps in the pool, drill practice, barracks cleaning or just walking around. For once, 837 was going to use this time constructively.

She went back to her barracks. Glancing around to ensure she was alone, she took her shotgun from the weapons cabinet. She checked that it was loaded, and slipped it into her shoulder-holster. Pulling her uniform jacket over it, she stepped back outside.

Hitler’s office was about 25 barracks’s away from her current location, so it’d take about 20 minutes for her to get there. She just hoped the other Resistance members were ready to distract the guards.

Walking past the barracks’s and various Aryans doing exercises, she tried to appear as normal as someone going to assassinate their leader could look. She passed a few Resistance members, who either ignored her or looked at her expectantly. She wasn’t sure which one she preferred.

‘Halt!’ The cry from an Aryan guard coming the other way stopped her. She immediately stood to attention.

‘Where are you going?’ the guard snapped. His number was 2598.

‘To see Number 1, sir! I have valuable information for him regarding certain Aryans.’ 837 was well known amongst the guards for providing information on traitors, so hopefully 2598 would let her go.

He considered her for a moment. ‘You may continue.’

‘Thank you, sir! Heil Hitler!’ She saluted and marched off. She waited till the guard had turned the other way, then relaxed slightly. Such tests were common, but ever since she had started reporting the worst of the guards to Hitler as Resistance members, she was nervous whenever she was confronted.

837 reached Hitler’s office. Exchanging a look with the Resistance members who were to distract the guards. She mouthed ‘two minutes.’ They nodded, then continued what they were doing.

Entering the building, she strode boldly up to the receptionist, and said, ‘Tell Number 1 that I have important information on a few Aryans for him, and that I request an immediate appointment.’

The secretary nodded, and relayed this information through the phone. ‘You may go up,’ she said, indicating the elevator.

837 went into it and pressed level 6. As she waited, she checked her shotgun again. The nerves were starting to come in again now.

There was a ding! and the doors opened. As she exited, she heard a loud bang from outside and shouts. She smiled thinly; the distraction had started.

Walking through the large double doors to Hitler’s office, she suddenly stopped. Standing next to Hitler was 1369.

‘Hello, 837,’ he said, sneering at her.

‘1369? What are you doing here? You betrayed the Resistance! This was why our members kept disappearing, even after I stopped informing Number 1 of them!’ 837 was stunned. 1369 had always been the most important element of the Resistance; he arranged everything, held everyone together, planned it all. He had even planned this assassination attempt.

‘Now, now, 837. Don’t you think you should address the highest authority first? After all, it’s only common courtesy.’ Hitler smirked, obviously reveling in her angry fear.

‘And I’m sure you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?’ 837 acknowledged him for the first time since she walked into this office. ‘’Cause it’s courteous to kill inhabitants of a  planet that’s not even yours, create genetically altered Aryans and put them under mind control, isn’t it?’

Hitler merely smiled. ‘My, what a temper. We’re going to have to do something about that…at the concentration camp.’

The blood drained from 837’s face. She was even more scared now, although she did her best not to show it.  

‘Disarm her.’ Hitler commanded 1369. He walked over to her, opened her jacket and removed her shotgun. Her heart sank, but she still had a slight hope. In her boots, she had concealed a new invention of Hitler’s scientists that hadn’t been put into use yet. She had acquired it through the Resistance’s scientist in that division, before he disappeared. It was a miniature gun that fired hollow point bullets that expanded while inside the body. She had completely forgotten to tell 1369 about it. Now she just had to get them both distracted long enough to remove it and kill them both. She could still hear shouting and shots outside, but it wasn’t enough, especially since 1369 had told Hitler the plan.

‘Now, 837. You have two choices. One is to surrender completely to me and become my slave around my house…and in my bed. The other is to be sent to a concentration camp with the Jews we kept for scientific purposes. What do you say?’ Hitler leered at her.

837 shuddered. The thought of being his slave disgusted her, but concentration camps…they were horrible. She desperately needed a distraction soon, or else she’d try to shoot them anyway, even though they were both armed.

Suddenly, the receptionist burst into the room. She was hysterical. ‘Number 1, sir, there are Resistance members outside, attacking us and…’

837 heard no more. While Hitler and 1369 were distracted, she bent down and removed the gun from her boot. She raised it up, took aim, and shot 1369 in the heart. Hitler was startled, and the receptionist screamed. Taking advantage of this, she shot Hitler in the heart and the hand. She hesitated slightly when she aimed at the head. Hitler smirked.

‘I knew you couldn’t do it. 1369 didn’t think you could either. You know, for someone who was born from such royal genes, you’re not as good as I expected.’

‘What do you mean?’ 837 asked. She had an idea, but it was too horrible to consider. The gun was still pointed at his head.

‘Surely you can guess. No? Fine then. Well you know how all of you Aryans are created from genes taken mainly from prisoners we took in World War 2? Well I decided that I’d like an Aryan who’d be something more then a soldier. More like a friend, or even a daughter. So I gave my DNA to the scientists, and they created you from me. Technically you are my daughter, 837.’

‘No,’ 837 said through gritted teeth. Then she screamed, ‘NO!’.

‘You have to accept it. There’s nothing you can do about-’ bang! His head exploded, blood and brain matter spattering onto the secretary, who was hiding in a corner.

837 dropped the gun from her shaking hands and sank to the floor. There was a sudden, confused silence outside. She heard a loud bang! A bullet entered her chest, just below her heart. She fell onto her back, in pain from the fatal wound. Looking around, she saw the receptionist with a smoking gun in her hand.

Outside, cheering broke out. The mind control had been broken. Just too late.

The receptionist stared blankly at the gun in her hand, then at 837. Horror crossed her face as she realized what she had done. But 837 didn’t see it. Her eyes were closing, and everything was going back. The last thing she ever heard was the chant from outside, ‘Hitler’s dead!’ Then she heard no more.






© 2009 .abigail.

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Absolutely terrific..My mouth made an "o" of surprise in many parts of this story, truly wonderful. Thank you for this entry.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This makes me glad that Hitler was defeated. Well written!

Posted 10 Years Ago

wow, you are a good writer!! is there more to this?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Love it! Saw your post on yahoo answers, wanted to read it. I like it alot!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hey. My real name isn't Abigail, but I prefer it, and I don't want my friends to read any of the stuff I've written, so I'm not putting my real name. I was born in 1994, I live in Australia. M.. more..


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