monarch butterfly

monarch butterfly

A Poem by kitty blur

this could actually be a very long text message

u either nudged me or threw me into this year's Manic Phase lol
it's almost like taking a handful of uppers all the time
but mostly in terms of the endless energy + non-stop mouth + not sleeping part
so... all of it
ugh i know the sound of yr voice too well
the stupid "hey" u said last friday still gives me chills
but not the good kind anymore (how sad)
ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?? but literally
i'm trying to care but i'm too distant from u now
it sucks that we vibed too well, that we were too good at making disasters
out of what could've been just really cool miracles
i can't even think about kissing anyone ever again
why did u have to make yr mouth into a monarch butterfly
and follow the storms that i brewed in my sweaty palms
like seriously why did u have to bruise me on a week night
like why did u enable me to see every star in the milky way
like wasn't breaking my windshield enough lol
i'm tired of romanticizing yr a*s but u make it so easy
i shouldn't listen to that playlist on 8tracks anymore
because i am supposed to be busy resenting u
but dude. we had a sick friendship in both meanings of the word
and i miss u the way that i miss razor blades or blackouts or artificial tears
take that how u want
because it's true
and both ways are repulsively meaningless now
in hindsight, under blacklights, near the skyline
where i basically chill w yr ghost

© 2016 kitty blur

Author's Note

kitty blur
improper grammar forever, text-talk abundant, this is how i talk in my head

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I really like the "text talk" style 😂 Super fun to read
Favorite parts are "I can't even think about kissing anyone ever again" "enable me to see every star in the Milky Way" and "chill with your ghost"

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on May 31, 2016
Last Updated on May 31, 2016
Tags: drugs, moody, kissing, hindsight


kitty blur
kitty blur


i could be a symphony or an angel or a blade of grass i don't like using punctuation because i feel like if my brain was it's own person with its own keyboard and its own agenda, it wouldn't worry .. more..

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