baby phoenix

baby phoenix

A Poem by kitty blur

his bedroom, my mausoleum, etc

yeah i'm still thinking abt u
and those nights in march when we were crazy
don't rub it in my face

the main thing that's on repeat is how easily i could curl into u like a fractal
or embed myself like a tiny seashell into yr bed of seaweed or yr literal bed i guess
but beyond that i am attempting to be "realistic" and come to terms
with the idea that the pink glitter of our affection or affectations
was actually just a handful of ashes created by a baby phoenix 
that lived and died for years in yr basement bedroom
while we watched and laughed about it or cried about it or both

how f*****g symbolic tho, considering how we'd burst into flames, too
then crumble so softly into bed sheets made up of our own violet or violent feathers

so what i'm really saying is:
i think i should probably be as far away from u as i can right now
at least until i manage to completely untangle u from my heartstrings
because i am relatively sure that if i look at u with my actual eyes again
i'll see the same 142 lb demigod that i fawned over forever
posing pretty on a beige couch like a panther or one of yr french girls (lol)
sucking a vape mod intensely in order to produce admittedly captivating clouds

and then all of those rushing and blushing fallacies
that used to infiltrate the walls of my most precious convex organ
will fall back into my submissive palms -
palms of which i'm trying to convince myself
would much rather hold my breath than yr oblivion

© 2016 kitty blur

Author's Note

kitty blur
this is silly

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Wow, your poetry is definitely unique ( I know you get that a lot but I just thought I would repeat it for my own analysis). I like your imagery though because there are many layers that allow people to fit your poem s to their own situation while still leaving an overall clear purpose. I would have to say that this poem is my favorite that you have written so far, partially because I absolutely love the Phoenix analogy, but also because the way you play with emotions makes me feel almost like a Phoenix in the reincarnation cycle. It starts out as a pile of ash in the first stanza with a feeling of near remorse, you are brought to life through his memories and the thought of the baby Phoenix. Then seemingly all of a sudden you burst into flames as you think about how it happened to your relationship and finally you turn to ash in the last two lines. I don't if you meant to do this or ( I like to think that you did) but either way, it's awesome. Great piece!

Posted 7 Years Ago

kitty blur

7 Years Ago

oh my gosh, i never even looked at the poem as the cycle of the phoenix itself! god, i wish i would'.. read more
The comparison of your affection for this person to a phoenix's ashes is potent. It speaks of a once powerful relationship now reduced to almost nothing, yet it retains that possibility of renewal, a possibility you explore in the last two stanzas. That burning affection also expresses danger, which can be the danger of returning to this person or the general potential for affection to burn those caught in its flames. I very much enjoyed this, and your unique style adds a flavor to your work that I've legitimately never seen before. Keep it up!

Posted 7 Years Ago

kitty blur

7 Years Ago

Your interpretation of my poem was incredible. It's like you went past the surface of what I wrote a.. read more

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Added on June 2, 2016
Last Updated on June 2, 2016
Tags: affection, death, rebirth, mood, ugh, whatever


kitty blur
kitty blur


i could be a symphony or an angel or a blade of grass i don't like using punctuation because i feel like if my brain was it's own person with its own keyboard and its own agenda, it wouldn't worry .. more..

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