A Story by Kiersten

This does contain strong language and curse words. This just a short piece perhaps the beginning of something. I don't have a lot hashed out yet but I would like some feedback.

"You never fail to surprise me Tinsley," the woman said with a scowl. "Will you never learn? I swear!" she hissed under her breath. 

It was closing in on three a.m. as she slinked from behind a dumpster in the alley between two high rises. Her black cloak fluttered behind her as she pulled the hood closer to her face, her raven hair was tied into a braid that laid over her shoulder. 

She scanned the area, looking for any sign that the girl had been there. She had been tracking her for an hour and the trail had gone cold. How could she have gotten this far on her own? She was just a child, a fae child, but a child none the less.

The street lights flickered in anticipation of casting a shadow on the empty streets. The nights weren't the safest time to be out and about by oneself, but then again, neither were the days. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves around her feet and that's when the woman caught the scent of lavender and mint. She knew she must be close and took off in a sprint, catching the trail once again.

'She has to be close,' she thought to herself. There was no way she could go back without Tinsley, it would most definitely be a death sentence. If the Queen and King didn't get their daughter back, there would be literal hell to pay. 

As she got to the end of the alley, she pushed herself against the brick wall, almost as if to be enveloped by the cold stone. With a tentative glance, she peered around the corner and looked down the quiet back road. There was nothing but empty dark windows and shifting shadows that she had hoped were just a trick of light and not someone else on the trail.

"F**k! Tinsley! Where are you?!" the sound of her voice was barely more than a whisper but it made something in the darkness move. She held her breath and waited to see if whatever it was would reveal itself and make this night a little more interesting.

After what felt like an eternity, she slid around the corner of the wall and with the grace of a cat stalking it's prey, continued down the empty street. She knew she was getting closer, the scent was so strong now. Just ahead was an entrance to an abandoned store. The owners must have packed up shop in a hurry, as the door was wide open and appeared to be broken.

'She has to be in here,' she thought and quietly passed through the open door. A thick layer of dust covered every surface in the empty storefront. Perhaps she had been wrong, or maybe it was a trap. Either way it was too late to back out now. She passed an open till and slid into a back room, following the trail, silently closing the door behind her. 

The room was pitch black and windowless. She reached into the inner pocket of her cloak and grabbed an object that looked like a large pearl. She rolled it around in her palm for a second, it was heavier than it looked. The smooth sphere was cool to the touch, even in her cold hands, it sent a shiver through her arm, raising her hair. 

She closed her fingers around the object and shut her eyes. She slowly brought her hand to her mouth and blew warm air into her closed hand. She opened her eyes and in just a couple of seconds, her hand warmed and a slight glow emanated from her closed fingers. Slowly she opened her hand and the little sphere washed the room with a low blue glow.

With a slow breath, the woman looked around the room. Tinsley had definitely been in this room recently, she knew it. However, nothing seemed to be disturbed in the room. The only odd thing about the room was that it was completely empty. What was the purpose of having an empty room. No doors or windows, just a dingy old rug covering most of the floor. Something wasn't adding up.

She took a couple steps around the room, it wasn't very big. The hand that wasn't holding the light, touched the wall, running the perimeter of the room. After circling the room twice she stopped and stood in the center and closed her eyes again.

'This isn't likely to work,' she thought to herself, but she knew she had to try. Since the day Tinsley had been born, herself and the young princess had had a connection. Not a soul mate, more like a soul protector. She had known from the princess' first breath that she would do anything to protect and defend her, no matter the cost. 

That moment in time had created a physic connection between the two of them. However, since Tinsley had decided she wanted to be a master explorer of the mortal world, she had created a barrier against her protector. She could sense her emotions but her thoughts and location were blocked from the woman.

With all her might she pushed against the wall, sensing the familiar resistance. At least she knew the stupid girl was still alive. Hoping that Tinsley would hear her, she sent out a panicked thought, hoping it would get through the little cracks in the wall and it would lower her guard. As she stood there in the tiny room, eyes still closed, she heard a creak on the wooden floor from the front of the store. 

Her eyes shot open and her hand closed around the light. She brought it back to her mouth and pulled the air back through her fingers and the light went out. Quietly, she went to the door and pressed her back to the wall. She stared at the floor waiting to see a shadow or the flicker of a light but nothing. She stood there for a long time and waited, there wasn't another sound that came from the room beyond the door, but she stood as still as a statue.

Just as she was about to let out a sigh and open the door, she heard another creak of the floor. This time it was right on the other side of the wall. Still staring at the base of the door she could see the smallest amount of a shadow pass under the door. Someone was out there.

The shadow grew larger as the person moved closer. She held her breath as the floor creaked again, that was when the door knob started to turn.  She was pressing herself so hard against the wall, hoping that it would absorb her, that her shoulders started to ache. She held her position as the door slowly opened. 

Light from the street spilled into the room as the door opened and she watched as whoever it was stepped into the dark room. She was going to have to fight her way out, there was no way around it. The door opened farther and she prepared to jump from against the wall and surprise the person at the door. 

Out of no where, a flash of white light blinded her, and a loud ringing noise reverberated around the room.  The woman dropped to her knees with her hands pressed to her ears, she tried to block out the sound. It became too much and she crumpled to a heap on the ground, unconscious.

© 2020 Kiersten

Author's Note

I am looking for some feedback. I haven't written anything in a while and I just was wondering how rusty I am. Any grammar issues or anything. All is fair game.

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Added on November 3, 2019
Last Updated on June 6, 2020
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I am a 26 year old woman from Canada who loved writing in high school but had a hard time balancing life and work after graduation and forgot about my writing. Now I'm looking to find that passion I u.. more..