Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by klebold

It's a night for families to say goodbye to loved ones, when all goes wrong the Japanese bomb the hotel where the party is taking place. Woman and children are evacuated.


We arrived outside the hotel to say our goodbyes to the men we loved so much before they were shipping off to the eastern shores of Japan to fight for Australia, for some this would be their very last time seeing loved ones. 

I was dressed in a white dress my mother had made specially for me, "Remember not to run, and cross your ankles! there will be handsome men all around you tonight." she reminds me before we step out of the car. My father hands our keys over to one of the employees, "Take good care of it."

The Grand Edmond Hotel was booming with the crowds of men in military uniform, woman and children.  We were lead through the front doors by a coloured man in a burgundy blazer, he smiled widely at my parents and to me. “This way, ladies and gentlemen.” We followed behind him as he ushered us into the main ball room, the door wide open to the rest of the hotel.

My father soon noticed his retired veterans from the pervious war, my mother remained held onto his arm as they made their ways over to the men. I glanced around the room with endless streams of drinks being passed around until my gaze drawled to the superior officer’s son, his named was Edward Mullen. A huge grin moves across his face when he spots me alone, I make my way over to the handsome boy dressed in military attire. “I’m so glad to see you before being shipped off Jane.” His arms grip my waist, I place my arms around his neck. “I can’t believe you are leaving me.” I whispered to him, his grin lowers “I swear I’ll be back, it can’t be that bad… If I do make it back, we can go picnic on top of Mt. Recount like we did last summer.”

I began to smile again, “I would love th-“ my voice was cut off by a large explosion sounding close to the hotel. The ground trembled, rattling various things in the hall. Woman and children cried in shock, the music had stopped, and everyone was staring at each other in disbelief and fear. “What was that?” one woman screamed, another started to cry out until a tall man stood on top of one of the dining tables. All attention was directed to him as he spoke, “Ladies and gentleman, we have to remain calm and we assure your safety hear tonight… Please file out of the door in a calm fashion. You will be directed to the load docks, say goodbye to your loved ones for now.”

I pressed my body closer to Edwards chest, “What is happening Ed?” I shrieked as another explosion can be heard hitting the gravel outside the hotel. People pushed, and rushed out of the building. “I have to g-“ his arm is pulled from me, “Ed!” I yell, our hand gripped away from each other. Little did I know that would be our last touch, the last time I would ever see him while I’m whisked away by the herd of woman and children rushing towards the boating ramp.

When outside I waste no time trying to find my parents, I glare up at the hotel the roof is already engulfed in flames. The crowds pulled my body with no where to escape, I moved with the current of people. We are hustled onto the ship, and directed to seating. I’m sat on a bench inside a crammed maid’s quarters with 11 other woman and children. We bunch together, shoulder to shoulder. From above the blasting over our heads continues, pieces of rumble from the roof flacking onto our scalps.

Two sailor men walked through the isles handing everyone washed out life jacket, “Put these on ladies, if you don’t know how to then we will help you.” I grabbed one, pushing my head through and tying the strings tightly around my waist. Moments later the movement in the isles stopped, the door is closed and locked shut to anyone outside.

The sound of banging, and screeching on the door began to echo through the boats silence. The entire boat was over crowded and there wasn’t anymore room. Fear washed through my body, I started thinking of the woman and child who didn’t make it in time. I thought about my mother and if she made it on the boat safely. The R.V.A set sail towards safety around 9:30pm that night... 

© 2018 klebold

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Okay, this was good....I want more!!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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