The Joy Division (lyrics)

The Joy Division (lyrics)

A Poem by Klep

A suburban tragedy.



One kid left on the railroad

Another one bailed on the beach

And his sister left in a bathtub

With a landline just out of reach

And they all knew each other just a little too good

Split a bottle of pills because they knew they could

Charred to the core they decided to die for the neighborhood:



Judah came from Memphis with a book bag and a knife

It took his mother two weeks to notice once the kid had took his life.


He laid down on the train tracks with his headphones blasting high

Joy Division was too cliche so he blasted out Suicide


Didn't move an inch 

As the train kept on with a rattle and a squeal

He shut his eyes and clenched his fists real tight

This was pain he was dying to feel.



Angie came from long beach.  She got sick of the scene.

No more rope and too much dope.  She was dead by seventeen


With a straight edged slice in a tub of ice.  Candles burning for Jesus Christ. 

Angie, baby, never learned how to make it out of cris-is mode

And there she goes.  Baby's up in smoke.  With just one very last shred of hope.

It's your protest.  It's your time.  Let the blood drain fast this will be your last goodbye.


 Angie almost had a change of heart, half drained of the weight that had her holding on for so long.

And Angie saw her brothers face in the mirror.  He appeared,  but it was too late to steer this 

Train wreck back on track.  She put her finger on the trigger, and she didnt look back.   

Let her head sink beneath the line.  Washed the years away and all those memorys dry.  It was her time.  It was her time to die.


Billy Boy sat on the sand

with Kerouac and a gun in his hand

On a beach that was covered in snow,                                                      

in just an Upstarts tee he didn't shiver no

'Cause in the cold, he was with his own, and there was no place he'd rather go.

One last sound check for this final show. 

He put the metal to his head then it was time for him to go


Three solid bullets for three empty shells

Suburban heaven can be a rebel’s hell

When designer charades only enhance the pain

When there’s nowhere to go and nothing more to gain

When you’re reduced to clutter, grip yourself and shudder and go.

All for one and one for all. 

© 2016 Klep

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You did a very good job of telling a story in your poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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interesting points on conformity. i loved the line "suburban heaven can be a rebel's hell." the rhythm of the poem was great too. overall very thoughtful. i loved how the poem came in a complete circle with the like "all for one and one for all."

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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