1) Enchanted

1) Enchanted

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April Thompson was relaxing in the knee-deep blossoming meadow.  She was lying on the grassy floor, squinting up at the glimmering sunshine.  Its rays danced on her wavy, brown hair, and gave her heart-shaped face a pinkish glow.  She had a daisy clutched in her small, gentle hands.  They were her favorite spring flowers, and though some thought they were plain with no smell, April thought they were a piece of heaven's glorious sunshine.
She brought the daisy up to where she could set her bright blue eyes on it.  She twirled it around in between her fingers and thought, Will there be any daisies in the city?  Or any meadows to run in or lakes to swim in?  Were there any horses like ol' Jack?  She thought to herself.  Maybe not, but she'd have to trust in her parents' decision on moving North and most importantly, trust God to be with her.

She sighed deeply and sat up.  She wrapped her arms around her knees her chin resting on top.  She fixed her gaze far off, beyond the thick oak trees and the crystal clear lake.  Beyond the distant rolling hills and far, far away.  She didn't know if she'd like moving away from all that was familiar to her.  She didn't know if she'd like the house they'd be living in.  She didn't even know what it looked like since she had never been in it.  Her parents had taken a quick tour of it a few weeks back.  Afterwards, they had raced home to tell April they were moving.  What was she supposed to think?  She didn't really have a choice in the matter.  Besides, her father needed a job badly.  She understood that-- at least she thought she did.

Suddenly another thought struck her.  "Oh, no!" she cried aloud.  Her piano lessons with her overly strict teacher, Mr. Dickson, were going to begin without her!  She glanced back up at the sun and tilted her head.  It was already one o'clock and her piano lessons started in ten minutes!  Mr. Dickson would give her a bad scolding, perhaps even worse, if she were even one minute late.  She jumped up and started to make a dash towards the little brick home she had known since she was a small child.  But right at the edge of the hill, she stopped in her tracks.  She slowly turned around, her complete gaze fixed on the meadow.  Her meadow which she had known since she was only ten years old.  Now she was sixteen.  Was she ready to venture off into a world that was all new to her?  Was she ready?  Could she leave this beautiful place in Hendersonville, North Carolina?

Tears were swelling in her eyes now at just the thought of leaving-- forever.  She was going to leave "Daisy Haven" as she had called the meadow six years ago.  She had named it that because it was her place of retreat where she could be undisturbed and where she'd linger over her thoughts.  It sounded more like a silly name, now, but back then it sounded more than beautiful-- it sounded magical.  And her meadow was magical in a way.  Well, the name had stuck.  That day she and her best friend, Jenny, had found it.  Peaceful and beautiful-- like heaven.

Another thing she would miss!  Her dearest friend, Jenny!  She was such a great friend all those years and still was.  How she would ache to leave her as well as her brother, Drew, who had also been a close friend of hers.  She secretly had fell, head over heels, for him when she was young.  He didn't know it though-- at least she didn't think he did.  He acted just like a brother to her.  The brother she never had.  It would be painful to be separated from them both.  All those jokes and silly games.  All the times they had come out to this meadow and, oh, all those memories.  All she would have left is memories.  Sweet, beautiful and somewhat amusing memories to hold onto for the rest of her life.
"I promise," she whispered, "I promise I'll return... someday."  Her heart echoed, Someday soon.

And with that, she turned and ran down the hill as fast as she could.  Her long hair was flowing about her and tears were streaming down her cheeks.  She knew she couldn't possibly go inside looking like this.  So, she hurried to the water well by the house, and splashed cold water on her hot, sweaty cheeks.  She straightened her skirts and brushed back her unruly hair.  She put a smile into place and walked in.  Sure enough, there sat Mr. Dickson.

His black beady eyes portrayed his annoyance behind his thick, black-rimmed glasses.  He was sitting on the piano seat, tapping a pencil in agitation.  He checked his pocket watch again and humphed.

April cleared her throat.  "Good afternoon, Mr. Dickson."

He glanced up and replied hotly, "It is not a good one!  Do you know how long I've been waiting here, young woman?"

She only nodded her head with embarrassment and looked down at the creaky wooden floor.

"This is your last piano lesson.  Did you have to choose to be late today?"  But before she could reply he spoke again, "Well, don't just stand there.  Sit down."

She lowered herself onto the uncomfortable wooden seat and calmly placed her fingers on the keys.  She played with all the elegance and effort she could muster.  She was quite relieved when she had finished and had been dismissed.  Her back ached from bending over the piano and she was sore from the uncomfortable chair.

She decided to refresh herself outside, and retreated out the front door.  She breathed in the sweet smell of spring and sighed contentedly.  Peace at last.

But her silence soon ended when, to her surprise, Drew appeared beside her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you," his deep voice filled the silence.

"Oh, no," she answered quickly.  "You didn't frighten me.  I was just surprised to see you-- here."

"Well, I wanted to give you these as a go-away-present," he replied, revealing her meadow daisies behind his back.  "I knew you'd never forgive me if I didn't get you something," he teased.

April responded with a teasing smile of her own, and took the flowers from his firm grasp.  "Why, Drew Carter!  How sweet of you.  Thank you."  She breathed in the sweet scent.  "I was just up in Daisy Haven today.  I was-- well-- thinking things through.  I'm going to miss you and Jenny in the city.  It will be so different."

He nodded and ran his hand through his thick, dark brown hair.  "Yeah, we'll miss you, too.  You still plan on leaving tomorrow?"

She nodded, though the slight gesture was hardly recognizable in the soft dark of the night.  "I was hoping I could stay here a little longer," she whispered.  "Just a little longer.  It's going to be so hard to leave.  I thought I'd be brave, but I don't think I'm brave at all," she whispered, choking back tears.

He rested his hands on her small, shivering shoulders.  "Come, now.  You're much more brave than you think you are.  You first need to believe you are."

She looked up into his caring, chocolate brown eyes and merely nodded.

"Thanks, Drew.  For everything.  I wouldn't know what I'd do if I didn't have you as a friend.  I wouldn't have anyone to talk to.  Well, except for Jenny and ol' Jack," she said and chuckle escaped her lips.  He smiled his usual perfect smile.

"Well, no one can replace ol' Jack or Jenny, I'm sure," he said and chuckled.

"Drew!" a voice rang in the distance.  "Drew Carter, dinner is on the table and getting cold!" Mrs. Carter called from next door.

"Oh, dear.  I better go before she comes looking for me," he said and chuckled again.  "Well, I'll make sure to bring Jenny with me tomorrow for a last good-bye."  And with that, he kissed her on the forehead and then disappeared.

April was left in complete wonder and surprise.  He had kissed her.

She was in an enchanted dream as she floated over to the small, fenced-in field where ol' Jack, her Palomino, stood shaking his head.  She brushed his shaggy blonde mane, whispering into his ear, "If only he knew..." 

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
I'd love your thoughts on this. :) I know that it still needs some work...

Also, I wanted to let you know that the time period is around the early through mid 1900's. I'm doing it during the Great Depression.

I'd appreciate your your opinion on this first chapter! :)

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Great book!! I love this first chapter.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Kelly M.

6 Years Ago

Aww wow, thank you so much!! It's been so long since I've written this :) I truly appreciate you r.. read more
Congratulations! This book has been nominated for a Bright Award! we will get back to you on November 30th for our winners.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like this and can only find one thing that i personally would change

"I promise," she whispered, "I promise I'll return-- someday. Someday."
I would change it to somthing like this
"I promise," she whispered, "I promise I'll return... someday." ‘someday.’

all i have really done is changed the last someday into a thought i could picture that easier than I could actually picture April saying it twice. apart from that though you missed out the letter a somwhere and nothing more. i enjoyed this and will continue reading oh and i love the style you use when describing things.
nice write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

First CHAPTER 100/100 SO GOOD SO FAR!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

You have an amazing pen to write as a 12 year old in the ways that you did. I urge you to keep writing!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

What an amazing start to the book. I love your style, the images you invoke with you're descriptive phrasing. You should be proud of yourself being able to write something like this at your age. Very much looking forward to the rest :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is an amazing first chapter. I'm going to charge my laptop right now and read another chapter before I leave. I would go ahead and read the next chapter, but my ipods dead. I'm kindof a nonbeliever in chargers xD Great job. I can already tell that this is going to be an amazing book!

Posted 10 Years Ago

12 yearsold! I'm going to print it out and read it, ok? Let you know. Promise. May be a while, but I will read it, the whole book -- and I will get back to you I like to read books off paper ...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Your ability to describe characters and give them personality is the key to others feeling for them very good

Posted 10 Years Ago

It was good and the personalities really shined through the characters. So well done and such a nice ending. Also great Idea to do it in a different time period. Can't wait for the next chapter, the name of them have me really interested.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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