5) Unexpected

5) Unexpected

A Chapter by Kelly M.

The train's wheels screeched to a stop.  They had arrived to an unknown world.  Passengers started filing out and rushed towards their families with open arms and joyful tears.  April grasped onto her duffel bag, and took a deep breath for what she was about to discover beyond the train.  She followed her parents out into the open of the mysterious territory.
She felt like she was imagining things.  Horns blared from funny looking automobiles to attract attention, and men and women, alike, were dressed in their finest.  The men wore pressed, black suits and overcoats.  And the women were clothed in billowing dresses and extravagant hats.  The hats were what awed April the most.  They were decorated with peacock feathers, colorful fruits or even imaginary birds!  Though they were hardly like the musical bluebirds in North Carolina.
April squared her shoulders and walked on with her parents, still in the lead.  She had no idea where they were going or what they planned to do.  She was starved and her shoulders were aching from the heavy baggage she carried.  She did wish she could make a habit out of packing lighter.  She knew, however, she couldn't have left one thing behind.  Not one.  
She finally found enough nerve to question, "Where are we going?"
"Home," her mother simply replied without giving a backward glance.
"Well, how far do we have to walk?" April questioned further.
"Not too far.  With the Model T in Hendersonville, we're going to have to take up walking."
"Why, couldn't we bring it down with us?"
Her mother answered softly, "Too much money."
"It costs money to bring it down?"
"These days, everything costs money."
April didn't know if she should reply, so left it at that.  She only hoped her legs and arms wouldn't fail her on the way there.
After a short period of time, they came upon a rather unpleasant, stout looking man.  He had a shaggy beard, long nose and thick eyebrows over dark eyes.  He looked like he had never taken a bath in his life.  His clothes were torn and shabby and a faded brown hat shaded his eyes.  His back stiffened when he saw us come near.
April's father was in need of proper directions and decided to stop and ask this homeless person.  "Afternoon, sir.  I'm Mr. Thompson.  This is my wife and my daughter," he politely pointed out.  "We just moved here from Hendersonville, North Carolina and we are in need of some directions.  Would you mind pointing us out to Dark Alley?  I have only been to it once and forgot my way.  I believe it is located near here."
His eyes suddenly lost the unpleasantness.  Actually they softened into an understanding gaze.  He replied in a deep, husky voice, "Down two blocks, then turn to your right.  It'll be on your second left.  Can't miss it." 
"Thank you.  We appreciate your help," her mother said warmly.
April's father handed over a nickel and the man took it with true gratefulness.  He didn't even need to say his thanks because his eyes had held all the thankfulness that the world couldn't even give.
They walked on and followed the kind man's directions carefully.  April was about to stop to catch a breath when she realized they had arrived.  She gasped at what was before her.  A shabby looking house stood lopsided on the narrow street.  Shingles were falling off the roof and the wood looked old and moldy.  She hadn't realized how poor they really were until that moment.  
Before she could allow herself to enter, she took a calming breath and then followed in after her parents.  The little room was worse than she had imagined it would be.  Cobwebs and dust dirtied the floor and ceilings.  A primitive stove stood on the left with only a few utensils that would need to be scrubbed thoroughly before use.  A rounded, brown table stood lopsided by the stove, but there were no chairs.  It was also in need of an extra leg.  Two straw beds were held up with thin sticks beside the nearest window.
"The-- um-- outhouse is in the back," her mother explained.
April only nodded. 
"Well, it just needs a little cleaning up.  It would look much better with some light," April's mother replied and drew back a thick curtain.  Some light found its way through, but only displayed more dirt.
"Well, it's like Grandma always said," April silently spoke up.  "Whenever she'd move into a new home, she would always bring in a Bible and a broom.  That's what makes it a home."
Her parents nodded and their eyes held an admiration for how true April's words were.  And with that settled in their minds, they hurried to clean up the place.  April and her mother, brooms in hand, started to sweep up all the dust and dirt out the door while her father brought in fresh water from the pump, chopped firewood and fixed the lopsided table.  After that was finished, they had a hearty meal that April's mother had packed along just in case.  Then they carried in the luggage that they had placed outside the door, and started unpacking everything.
April began to methodically unpack all her prized possessions, and placed them carefully in one of her drawers.  Then surprise was expressed on her face when getting down at the bottom of her duffel bag, she found a neat sheet of folded paper with her name written across it.  She picked it up tentatively and unfolded it.  Her eyes trailed down the page to the bottom where she saw the name of her dear, thoughtful friend, Jenny.  She quickly began to read the cherished words. 
My Dear Friend,
    By the time you get this, you will be all moved in.  I do hope you like your new home and the new school you will be attending.  

I will miss you greatly each minute of the day.  You were always the one I could tell my feelings to.  I never really had the nerve to express them to anyone, but you.  You were the only one that listened and encouraged me.  I have Drew, which I am thankful, but without you I will be quite lonesome indeed.

That is another thing I wanted to tell you that I never could tell you face-to-face.  I will be upfront with you and won't beat around the bush.  My brother has deep affection and admiration for you.  Maybe you have realized his feelings.  I always thought he was extra kind to you and that he treated you like you were his own sister.  But I have noticed a few times that he has more than brotherly affection for you, my friend.  I can't say anymore except I know that he loves you-- has always loved you.  He shall not tell you this, I'm sure.  He barely even tells his feelings to me, but I know.  By the look in his eyes when he's near you, says it all.  He loves you, April!  I know he does.

I shall write as often my free time allows me!  You are in my prayers and heart.

Your friend,

April was so surprised that she had to read the letter over again to be sure she wasn't just imagining the words.  Was this her bubbly, lighthearted friend?  The one who was barely ever serious about such things?  Yes, she would express her feelings privately with April at certain times, but she had never been so personal with her before!  April had to seat herself on the rickety bed to try to calm her racing heart and thoughts.  Drew loves me?  Could it really be true?  April was beside herself with surprise-- and sensational joy.  Though what could she do?  His feelings were revealed, but hers were still hidden.

© 2011 Kelly M.

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Author's Note

Kelly M.
Hope you liked this chapter. :)

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Wow, this was such a great chapter, my favourite so far.
I truly hope now, that we find out Drew loves her, than she will keep her promise. It's cool to learn a bit more about her. It fills in some of the gaps of Jenny and Drew!
So a couple of suggestions...
I know we're talking about a different time period, judging by the price of ride. So I would say give the reader a bit more information on that time. Educate us.
Also maybe you should write how April feels for Drew. Right now, she seems rather shocked!
I like where you're taking the story, keep on going! I will keep reading on!
Also you should look into publishing, not joking. This I could see on the shelves.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kelly M.


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