17) Father-to-Daughter

17) Father-to-Daughter

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April turned when she heard a soft rustling in the bushes.  A tall figure appeared, and she instantly recognized her father.  He eased himself onto the grass beside her, and stared off into the distance.  A peaceful silence hung in the air for a time.  
"Funny, isn't it," he began softly, "that they call these trees weeping willows?  They always did look like they were weeping.  I remember my father telling me a story on how they got their name.  He said it began when a weeping willow seed was taken from its home in Canada, and the men who took it, took it to an unknown land that the tree wasn't used to.  So, when it was planted in the ground the limbs fell downward in a weeping fashion.  From then on, the people all called it the weeping willow tree."  He stopped and chuckled.  "I went to school, and told all my friends.  Later, I found out it wasn't true, but yet that's how I still look at them."
When he turned to April, he saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes.  She was soon in his arms.  After a time, April stopped crying, and wiped at her eyes.
"I'm sorry," she apologized, "I shouldn't have ran off like that-- ruining the party.  I don't know what's gotten into me lately.  I guess I just miss it..."
Her father understood.
"You want to go back, don't you?"
April looked into his caring eyes, and simply nodded.
"You love him-- don't you?"
April knew who the "him" was, and put her face in her hands.  She admitted that she did.  She also explained her concern about having a distant relationship.
Her father listened intently, and nodded at every word.
"But-- but what about Will?" she asked.  "What can I tell him?  I-- I like him, but I just don't know.  I'm so confused," she whispered in desperation.
He paused thoughtfully, then began to slowly respond, "Don't waste a relationship on someone who you know you don't love.  You must have confidence in your decisions, and speak your heart, even when it's difficult.  Will deserves the truth of your feelings."  There was a slight pause, then he continued, "Relationships can be all starry skies and sweet smelling flowers, but marriage is another thing.  You have to be sure that the love is strong enough to carry you through the bad times, not just the good.  Marry someone you can trust, and express your thoughts with openly.  Someone that you can respect, and who loves you, cares for you when your sick, and will be there by your side until the end of his days."  There was a second pause, his eyes twinkling merrily.  "Your mother would say that a man like that is as rare as a diamond in the rough."  He smiled, and placed a hand on her arm.  "Choose wisely, April.  And, when unsure, just ask your heart.  Ask God.  They'll give you the answers, even though they may not be right away.  Everything will unfold in its own course."  Then he stood up, and reached a hand to assist her.  "But, until that day comes, I'd like to keep my daughter just a bit longer."
April smiled.  "Don't worry," she assured him.  "I'm not ready-- yet."
And with the moonlight guiding the way, they walked back to the group of people.  April soon forgot about the heartache she felt as she was welcomed into many old fashioned games, and laughter.  She would simply give her life for God to take care of, and be patient until she met her diamond in the rough.

© 2011 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
So, I know there's some things to critique. I just wanted to get it on here. :P

Anyways, after all this time, you finally get the feeling of what her father's like, and I'm sorry it took so long! I wanted this chapter to be all about their father and daughter relationship. :)

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didnt see anything wrong with this chapter. he sounds like a father i know... though not mine... then again we have a father son realationship which i have noticed is quite diffrent to his and my sisters father daughter realationship.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Her father and his daughter have a strong relationship. Though some say that the mother daughter relationship is the best, the father sometimes sees things that a mother could never see. Well done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I have a few grammar critiques for you :) Nothing bad!

"He said it began when a weeping willow seed was taken from its home in Canada. And the men who took it, took it to an unknown land that the tree wasn't used to." Put a comma between 'Canada' and 'And' joining the 2 sentences and make the 'and' lowercase. It makes the sentences flow together.

"diamond in the ruff." It's 'diamond in the rough' if that's the term you were referring to. You used it one other time, so you can change both.

"When he turned to April, he recognized tears forming in her eyes. " It would sound a lot better if you put 'he saw tears forming in the corners of her eyes' It sounds a lot smoother than recognized.

Another good chapter, you gave the reader a look at April's father and some father/daughter time. :) Great job! Looking forward to more!


Posted 10 Years Ago

Awwww. so sweet. And I loved it!!! Cant wait to read more

Posted 10 Years Ago

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