18) Silvery Moon

18) Silvery Moon

A Chapter by Kelly M.

"I've never laughed so hard in all my life," April exclaimed.
Kanika looked over at her friend and smiled.  She wanted to whisper that she had never had so much fun-- in all her life.
"I can't believe I'm now seventeen," April whispered.  "Why, I remember looking in the mirror, trying to figure out what I'd look like when I was older.  Time goes by so quickly."
"It does," Kanika murmured.
April changed the subject.
"So, did you meet Will's new adopted brother?  He was born in Africa, you know.  He sure seems nice enough.  About your age, too."
April saw Kanika blush.  Her guesses seemed to be turning accurate.  She had a crush on the adopted brother of Will.
"Yes," she answered shyly.  "He-- he's nice."
A mischievous grin played on April's face.
"For a moment I thought he might be your cousin or something.  You look very similar in ways."
She blushed again, and sensing her discomfort, April changed the subject.
They chatted on about random things as the sun slowly crept over the trees.  They were almost to April's house when two figures appeared.  April gasped.
"April, it's me," a soft voice broke into the night.
"Oh, Will."  April sighed with relief.  "I thought you were some bandit," she said and laughed.
"Well, we saw the sun go down, and wanted to make sure you ladies got home before you got lost on this pitch black night.  Isn't that right, Karter?" he asked, turning to the broad shouldered lad.  
The moon suddenly came out behind the clouds, giving April the chance to see Karver's sheepish grin.  She immediately recognized him as Will's adopted brother.
Will must of taken that as his answer as they locked arms with each other, and skipped home singing By the Light of the Silvery Moon.
They gave a last wave good-bye to the kind gentlemen, and then hurried inside.  April was so glad that her Mother had let Kanika stay at their house for a night.  She needed a friend to talk to.
Once they were lying comfortably under the covers, April wasted no time in telling her about Drew, the letters he sent, and Will coming to call on her.  She soon found out that Kanika was not only a good listener, but was also comforting and considerate.
She also went on and on about her lovely North Carolina home.  She used her hands to describe the breathtaking beauty of it.
"Goodness!"  Kanika exclaimed.  "You make it sound like it's a piece of heaven on earth."
"Well, it is beautiful.  When I'm there I feel like I'm closer to God in some way.  My heart isn't rushed, but quieted.  It's so peaceful there.  It's just amazing what a beautiful creation God has created."
Kanika squirmed uncomfortably.  "You really believe all that?"
"What?" April asked.
"That your god made the creation?"
April was so surprised that she couldn't speak.
"He's not my God.  He's everybody's," she whispered.
And, for the first time, no one spoke.

© 2013 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Sorry, it's short!

So, Kanika doesn't seem to believe in Jesus. :/

New character has been added to this chapter. What do you think of Karver? Do you think Kanika is falling for him? Wouldn't it be ironic if she did?

By the Light of the Silvery Moon is a song that fit that part perfectly!

Anyways, hope you liked this chapter, and sorry it's a little short! :P

*Honest, detailed reviews please!* :)

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wait. is she 16 or 17? im a bit confused.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Kelly M.

8 Years Ago

Sorry for the confusion! She's seventeen. I need it fix that!
Kelly M.

8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

ooh, alright. :P
in chapter 16 Aprils mother says happy sevententh birthday but here you say she's sixteen i thought she was 16 before but eitherway you need to change somthing. hmm April may need to be careful. I have to wounder about Kanika and what she belives does she truly belive but find it uncomfortable to talk about that sort of thing for some reason did she used to belive but stoped for some reason like when her parents died. or perhaps she simply doesnt belive. next chapter

Posted 9 Years Ago

Go, April! Karver is interesting. Kanika and Karver would be cute togther, and yes, kind of ironic. Great work, please don't apologize for the length. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I liked it. Karver seems interesting to me and I cant wait to read more about him. And also, I cant wait to see what April will do about Kanika. Cant wait to read more!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

It's packed with a lot of new information so the shortness of the chapter doesn't matter too much. It is cool that you introduced a new character :) Hopefully us readers will get to know him more in upcoming chapters!

And I hope April can do something about Kanika's unbelief! That was a nice twist to add in! Great job with the chapter!


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Kelly M.
Kelly M.


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