24) Decisions and Plans

24) Decisions and Plans

A Chapter by Kelly M.

Are you going to go back?"  Kanika's words echoed in her heart.
"I-- I honestly don't know.  I wouldn't want to miss your wedding."
"I can always postpone it."
"Oh, but you couldn't," April disagreed.
Kanika rested her hand on April's shoulder.
"This is important to you, and I could never let you miss my wedding, now could I?"
"But Karter--?"
"He'll be fine with it," she answered.
April paused in thought.
"Are you sure?"
Kanika smiled.
April gave her an appreciative hug.  
"Thank you for understanding how much it means to me."
"You don't have the money though," her mother protested.
"I've been saving."
"Even if you did have enough, it would never ease my mind to know you were going alone on that stuffy train."
April thought on this.
"I've gone once enough to know what to do.  I should be fine."
Her mother paced the kitchen floor.
"Do you have to go?" she asked after a time.
"She's my best friend.  She could be dying with no one to help her."
Her mother sighed.
"If your father agrees than I guess I do."
April hugged her.
"Don't worry.  Everything will be fine."
Her father heard the tragic news, and though hesitantly, he agreed.
April began packing right away.  Her mother went through the long familiar list of 'Don't forgets,' and 'Be sure to's.'
"Mom," April said, resting her hands on her shoulders.  "I promise to be careful, and you don't need to worry.  I'll be perfectly safe with Drew and his family."
Her mother nodded.  "Yes, I'm sure you're right."
April had sent Drew a note-- promising to arrive by Wednesday.
April's heart pounded as the days drew closer for her to return.  She was finally able to live up to her long ago promise.
"What if he's different?" April asked her friend what she had had on her mind for days. 
Kanika knew who the "he" was.
"I'm sure he's no different."
"But it's been a year-- maybe more.  What do I do-- how do I act around him?"
"Just be yourself."
"I'm afraid I-- I--"
"You what?"
April looked at her feet.  "Afraid I won't be able to talk to him as I once did.  What if we don't have the same bond-- connection?"
"You will," she answered, giving her hand a warm squeeze.  "No one could change that quickly."
April could only hope and pray that she was right.

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
She's going home!! :D

Will Drew be different?!

Keep reading!! :DD

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people can change pretty quickly. the letters would help the connection but he still could be diffrent

Posted 9 Years Ago

I knew it! I knew she'd go back for Jenny and Drew! Poor April, I'm anxious to see if Jenny makes it or not!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh boy! I'm anxious for her to get there! I'm surprised her parents were reluctant to let her leave since her best friend could be potentially dying. But at least they are letting her.
Can't wait for the next!


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Kelly M.
Kelly M.


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