26) Bittersweet Reunion

26) Bittersweet Reunion

A Chapter by Kelly M.

April looked about the bustling station, trying to find Drew in the crowd of people.
Then a familiar voice whispered, "April."
She wheeled around, and met Drew's gaze.  Without thinking, she dropped her bags, and broke out in a run.  She jumped into his arms, and he swung her around.  A silent tear slipped down her cheek.
"Oh, Drew, I thought I'd never see you again."
He smiled, and April felt her heart lift.  How long she had been waiting to see that smile again.
Before long, they began talking like old times, and April was up-to-date on all the events, mishaps and surprises in North Carolina.  She couldn't be happier.  He hadn't changed.
Then she suddenly remembered why she was there.
"How's Jenny?" she asked quickly.
Drew shook his head.  "She may not make it."
April felt the air leave her lungs.  "What does she have?" 
"The doctor thinks it's tuberculosis."
April gasped.
"But she could die."

He nodded slowly, tears forming at his own eyes.
"That's why I thought you'd like to see her.  But the doctor says it's contagious, so we must keep our distance."
"Oh, please, God," she whispered.
April's reunion had been welcoming and sweet, but also bitter.  When she had seen Jenny, she had gasped.  She was not the same robust girl who was spirited and energetic.  Her face was pale, and gaunt.  Just looking at her small and weak frame made April's heart crush into a million pieces.  She was determined to do anything to save her.
"April, you're here," Jenny had whispered.
April nodded, tears slipping down her cheeks.  "Of course I'm here.  I wanted to see my best friend."
Jenny shook her head.  "You shouldn't of.  You don't want to see me-- not like this."
"Well, that'll all soon change.  I want you to drink this broth.  It should help," April said, holding up the bowl of hot broth.
"You could get sick.  You shouldn't be in here," she protested.
April changed the subject.  "Drink."
Jenny didn't protest, and slowly began to drink, but spit it back out, coughing.
"I'm not hungry."
"But you have to eat something.  You haven't for days."
"I think I'll just go to sleep."
April gave in reluctantly, and put a fresh, cold cloth on her feverish forehead.
"I'll be right out here," April whispered, slipping out of the room.
She closed the door softly behind her, and heard the doctor's deep voice in the kitchen.  "She's not doing well.  I'm afraid--"
April turned to retreat out the back door.  She didn't want to hear about Jenny's condition.
She found a rotting stump, and seated herself on it.  Then she put her face in her hands, and cried.
"Please, God.  Don't take her life.  She's needed here-- for Drew, and me.  Don't let her die.  Please," she whispered.  "Please."

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Jenny is awfully sick. :( Will she live?

We are getting REALLLYYYY close to the end!

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As important as it is to know that Jenny has served the purpose our lord has given her and as happy she will be in heavan if she dies April is gonna be really upset even when she takes the time to think about this. if she lives well then its a good bit of drama thats been added

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh dear, TB is a threatening disease. Poor Jenny, April has to accept the fact that if God takes Jenny's life from natural causes, it's for a reason. Isn't that why this is a Christian novel? :D Great job! Anxiously reading on!

Posted 9 Years Ago

OMG! I finally am able to review. :) The book is SOOOOO intense!! You delivered everything clearly and imaginative for me to picture. Don't die Jenny!!! Don't die!!! D:


Posted 9 Years Ago

Great chapter!!! Really great!!! Cant wait to find out if she lives! Dnt forget to keep me updated on the next chapter!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

It was so sweet in the beginning!!! Seriously, the way you delivered it, it was so sincere and beautiful. But I'm so sad for Jenny! Can't wait to read more.

Posted 9 Years Ago

"But she hadn't heard the rest for had retreated out the back door." This sentence is missing a word or two, because it doesn't make quite enough sense.

Another great chapter and I really hope Jenny can pull through cause it will be awfully sad if she passes on. So hopefully April's prayers will be answered! I am looking forward to the next chapter!


Posted 9 Years Ago

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Kelly M.


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