27) Horse Ride

27) Horse Ride

A Chapter by Kelly M.

"You've been working hard.  Why don't you get some rest?" Drew asked, genuine concern in his voice.
April looked up from the laundry she was doing, and managed a slight smile.
"I think a rest would do me good," she admitted, seating herself on a wooden stool.  "There's just so much I want to do to help."
He patted her hand gently.
"You're helping by just being here."
April looked up into his brown eyes.  She wished to put her head on his shoulder, and cry.  She wanted to let the burden of concern and worry fade away in his arms.  
"And I'm more than glad to be here," she whispered.  Then she stood up, brushing at her white apron.  "I'm so thankful for your parents letting me stay."
"I think they would've forced you if you hadn't," he teased.
"Oh, if only they could be here now.  I'm sure they're worried sick about Jenny."
He nodded slowly.  "They should be arriving any day now."
She nodded, then looked off to the stables, in thought.  "You know, I think I'll go check on Jack.  I haven't seen him since I've arrived."
Drew smiled softly.  "He'll jump out of the stall when he sees you.  I think he's missed you just as much as us."
April laughed, then hurried to his stall.  She tiptoed in the barn, not wanting to spook him.
"Hey, boy," she whispered as she came closer.
Jack's ears perked up, and, as Drew had predicted, he started stomping around, excited to see her.
She laughed.  "I missed you, too," she admitted, patting his back.  "Want to take a little ride?"
April took his high pitched whinny as a "yes," and easily slipped onto his back without a saddle.
"Now, boy," she said, holding his blonde mane, "let's ride like the wind."
And, as quick as lightning, he leapt out of the stall, galloping across the plains playfully.  April couldn't contain her laughter.
They rode carelessly for what seemed like hours, and she loved every minute of it.  She had missed the call of the wind, the scenic beauty of the rolling hills, and the lakes that bubbled and laughed their way along the riverbank.
She soon came to her brick home which was now occupied by other people.  The thought of this broke her heart.  Would she ever enjoy her home here again?
Then she turned her head to Daisy Haven.  She wanted to see it again.  Her heart would be at ease if she knew it were the same.  It's not my property though-- not anymore.  The thought of this only made her more nostalgic.  But wait.  It's owned by Drew and Jenny, too.

She looked up once more.  Would it hurt to see--?

"April!" Drew's concerned voice interrupted her thoughts.  She turned to see Drew riding towards her on his black horse, Coal.
"What is it?" she called, her throat tightening in fear.
"It's Jenny.  She's gotten worse."
April wasted no time, running Jack at full gallop, her heart lifting in a fervent prayer.  Jenny just couldn't die.  She couldn't.

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Only a few more chapters away from being finished! :))

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cant wait

Posted 9 Years Ago

The shortest review in the world is coming from me because I MUST know what happens to Jenny!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Looking forward to reading more! I hope Jenny gets through this!


Posted 9 Years Ago

Omg! I can't wait for more. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Uh. Oh. Cant wait to read more!!!!! Jenny Cant Die!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Kelly M.


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