29) School Crushes

29) School Crushes

A Chapter by Kelly M.

"Nothing is helping.  She's holding on, but I don't know how long she'll be able to."
The doctors' words left everyone silent.
"Don't you have any medicine for her?" Mrs. Carter asked, tears streaming down her cheeks.  She dabbed at her eyes with her hankie that was already damp from the salty tears.
He shook his head sadly.  
"I don't have anything to treat her with.  By the time I'd send for some medicine, it would be too late."
"There has to be something," she argued.
"I'm afraid not."
No one spoke.  It seemed that everything they did was to no avail.  Their world was crumbling down, and they couldn't stop it.  It was hopeless to try.  What could they do?  They had waited, hoped, and prayed, but they had found no answers.  Hadn't God heard them?
"Guess who came by today?" April asked Drew, trying to sound cheerful.  He had asked if she wanted to take a short walk for some fresh air, and she had quickly agreed.
"Let me guess.  The president?"
April nudged him.  "No, silly.  Jenny's beau."
"James Moore?"
"That's the one," she said, nodding.
"Did he want to see her?"
She nodded again. 

"I always knew they loved each other," he said softly.
"And how did you figure that out?" she teased.

He answered slowly.  "Even when we were in school, I caught him often helping her with little things.  I don't think she noticed him much.  He was kind of-- well-- he wasn't the most good-looking fellow, and he was somewhat shy."
"He's not very attractive," she admitted, "but he's very nice, and has friendly eyes."
Drew chuckled.
"And who was your school crush?" he teased.

April looked down at the ground, unsure to tell him the truth.
"Well, at first, I liked Henry Heath," she admitted.  "But I think it was because he was so-- well-- handsome, and daring.  Though I think Jenny had her eyes on him, too.  I soon found out I liked someone else."
"And he was?"
"I can't tell you that," she teased.
"Okay, then tell me when you first liked him."
She blushed at the thought.  "Well," she began slowly. "I was walking with Jenny to school, and all of a sudden five boys surrounded us.  They started teasing us, and said they wouldn't let us by.  I told them to move out of the way, but they didn't.  Then he jumped out of the bushes, and landed on top of them."  She laughed softly.  "He beat them up until they finally left.  They never teased us again though there were others who sometimes put up a fight.  He was always there, protecting Jenny and me."
She looked up at Drew to see his reaction, and he must of realized that the "he" was himself because he was blushing.
"And yours?" she asked quickly.
He was silent for only a few minutes, and then answered slowly.  "I guess I never had one-- until this one day."
"Was she nice?" she dared whisper.
He chuckled.  "She was spirited, but, yes, she was nice."
"And when did you first like her?"
He thought on this.
"One cold morning, we were walking to school.  She had her hair piled on top of her head, and said it was to make her look "grown up."  When I teased her, she was so mad that she stomped on my foot.  I broke a toe, too."
April blushed the brightest red.  That same girl was herself.
She nudged his shoulder.  "That's not funny," she said, a playful smile on her face.  Was he really serious or just playing games? 

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
Is Drew being serious about her being his school crush?

I liked writing the stories of when they liked each other. Haha. I thought it was funny. ;D

Anyway, THIS IS THE VERY LAST CHAPTER! I'm so excited and so sad, all at the same time! D:

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I knew it! didnt i say this would happen in my last reveiw? been loving the chapters BTW

Posted 9 Years Ago

Cute, Drew is serious about her being his school crush. I knew they belonged together! THE NEXT CHAPTER IS THE LAST?! NOOOO... Well, at least I have a whole other novel sequel to read!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh my goodness! He definitely is serious! I'm in suspense girlie! :P


Posted 9 Years Ago


Posted 9 Years Ago

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