30) Promises to Come

30) Promises to Come

A Chapter by Kelly M.

The very last chapter. :D


Butterflies danced and fluttered as her searching eyes met Drew's.  He closed the distance between them, and she was soon embraced in his loving arms.


There were no words to describe that day to April.  Somehow, a touch of heaven must've fallen from the sky.

They strolled under a blanket of feathery clouds and the soft coral pink horizon, listening to the mellow call of the morning doves, drinking in His glorious beauty in thoughtful silence.  They lingered over at the crest of the hillside, gazing at the earth as the Lord did from above.  April felt a sweet, perfect joy surround her.

They returned home, walking listlessly and quietly as April gathered a bouquet of flowers in her arms.

Once they reached their little home nestled in the wood, April leaned against the door, looking far out over the horizon in complete contentment.  Drew simply watched her in silence.

"You know," he whispered, "I don't think I've ever seen you look so beautiful."

Her breath caught in her throat.  "I guess I'm just happy," she whispered softly.

No one dared whisper a word more, afraid this moment would be shattered forever, but, hands interlaced, they looked out over the horizon, watching the sun gradually disappear. 


That night, April sat by her window, whispering softly to her Friend, "I don't know how to tell him."  She rested her head on her knees, finding comfort in the glistening moon above.  "Give me the words to say."


The next morning dawned bright and early, and April was just setting her daisies in a glass vase by her kitchen window when the door burst open. 

"Why, come right on in," April laughed.  "I knew you'd come."

Jenny smiled mysteriously.  "You know I hate being kept in suspense," she teased.  "I'm afraid I'm already bursting."

A smile passed over her face, but immediately it was shadowed.  "He doesn't know yet," she whispered, shaking her head.  "It just hasn't been the right time."

She nodded, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.  "You'll know when," she said encouragingly.  "Believe me, you will."


Weeks passed, and, still, she couldn't bring herself to tell him.

Patience is a virtue, she reminded herself.  I have to wait for the right time, and be satisfied with that.


The spring skit brought April to forget her problems, and enjoy the innocent fun of the children.  What an enjoyable affair it was!

At one moment, Lillian was singing 'Over the Rainbow', and her younger brother jumped from his mother's lap and scrambled right up onto the stage, determined to be 'just like his big sis,' and started to sing at the top of his lungs.  The audience had to stifle their chuckles at the scene.  Lillian's face had turned beet red with embarrassment, and she had given her brother a resolute push, but he hadn't budged.  

"You're ruining the show!" she cried.

His mother was swift to act, and whisked little Johnny away, promising him that later he could sing all he liked.

Once his protests had finally ceased, the show continued, and was concluded with a round of applause.  April thanked and praised all the children warmly, and they replied in enthusiastic response.

"Did you like it, teacher?  Did you?" Ella asked, her eyes dancing in delight and her blond curls bouncing.

"Very much," April nodded, smiling.

"You won't forget us, will you?" she asked softly, her eyes looking seriously into hers.

"No," she whispered, giving the child a warm embrace.  "Never."

Once all farewells had been said, Drew and April slipped away into the sunset kissed sky that looked as though it had been painted in a beautiful flourish of color and light.

"It's been such a lovely day, hasn't it?" April asked, smiling up at the heavens.  "Isn't it amazing how fast time flies?" she whispered.  "Already, I've finished teaching.  At least for a while, now," she added, then paused.  "There's just been so much that has happened this year.  I feel like a new person because of it.  God has been testing our faith in so many different ways, you know?  Yet, in the end, you count them as blessings," she whispered, looking off, as though in deep thought.  "I had lost all hope before, thinking God hadn't been listening to our prayers, leaving us behind in the dust.  I had given up.  But He hadn't," she whispered, the tears beginning to freely flow down her cheeks as she turned to face Drew.  "He's given us a family," she whispered.  "The greatest blessing and joy He could ever give." 

April never remembered what happened after that, but she remembered the joy, the love, and the tears.  That unbelievable look in Drew's eyes, and how he held her close, and hearing herself cry against his chest.


Love is an unbelievable, beautiful gift God has given, April thought as she strolled under the spindly branched trees that evening, enjoying the brook's joyful song, and the fragrant smell of the budding blossoms.

She seated herself on the mossy earth's rich soil, her eyes lingering over the looming shadows in the forest, deep in thought.

How she'd miss the spring when summer came with its blistery, humid days, leaving all the sweet memories of spring behind.

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages, she reminded herself.  Seasons will come and go, just as life will.  Always changing, full of unforeseen surprises, mixed with its pleasures and joys.

"Life is His gift to us.  His promise," she whispered, smiling at the thought of her unknown, but already loved child.

All there was was left to do was wait until that promise entered the world.  She'd watch as the future would unfold before her, fulfilling His beautiful promises.  His promises to come.  

© 2012 Kelly M.

Author's Note

Kelly M.
The End. :D

I don't even know where to start. I could write a whole book of how encouraging and how much I appreciated you reading this book and giving me your thoughts. :)

I also want to thank my family for their encouragement, love, and anticipation. :D

But, most importantly, my Friend who gave me these words to write, making it come alive. Without Him, the making of this book would not be possible.

Here's a verse from the Bible that fits my feelings for this book exactly:

2 Peter 1:4 For by these He has granted to us His precious and magnificent promises, so that by them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.

Thank you everyone!
~Kelly M.

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KELLY! That was like one of the best books I've read with a ton of love and such :) Congratulations. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I finally was able to get on and finish reading this wonderful book of yours! I decided to comment here on the very last chapter instead of commenting throughtout cause the story was so good and I wanted to keep reading! You did a remarkable job with this book Kelly! So many twists and turns, beautiful images and descriptions. Your characters were all written about wonderfully and the dialogue between them was so realistic. The wedding chapter was beautifully described and I absolutely loved the ending here :) Drew and April are having a baby! Can't wait to read the next book and find out more about that and see how they progress as a little family. Great job Kelly!


Posted 9 Years Ago

AWWWW!!! I love how you ended this book. You've gotten the prosperous suspense finally finished with the beautiful chapter. The ending was a beautiful and romantic one, but I love the verse you have for it. I can't wait to see what comes next in the next book you have.


Posted 9 Years Ago



Goodness, that was wonderful. You are an incredible storyteller, and you can make non-realistic-fiction lovers fal in love with a story like this. The detail is beautiful, and the storyline is fantastic. I loved this book to pieces.

You must write another sequel. Or I just might have something to say otherwise. :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

I cant believe its over!!! I almost cried at the ending. It was so beautiful!!!Great job Kelly!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Amazing ending. I loved it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh gosh, I don't know where to start.

First of all, your detailing is absolutely phenomonal. Seriously, it's just beautiful, and so softly written. I really enjoy books like you because you see beauty in such an amazing way, and I can really feel that through your work. I look forward to another book, and I'll probably reread this one many times! I don't even know what else to say. I'm pretty speechless. So happy for April & Drew! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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