that joaquin phoenix character

that joaquin phoenix character

A Story by klsy

comparison of our relationship to a fictional one which includes joaquin phoenix, a hollywood crush of mine. i have no idea where it came from. but we are english majors so we are dramatic.

the sun splashed warmth onto my face as i pushed my limbs away from myself in all different directions. a soft sign escaped my lips as my limbs gently fell back to the blanket below me. i felt him pick a lock of my hair off of my face and begin twirling it between his fingers. i smiled though was unwilling to open my eyes and look up at him. 
"you remind me of something, but i am nervous to tell you of what." he spoke. 
my eyes snapped open, my curiosity getting the better of me as i averted all my attention onto him. 
"you have to tell me now." i urged, but the way his eyes smirked under his thick eyebrows and long lashes almost convinced me that he was just saying things to get my attention. 
"a character in a movie."
"which one?" 
"a scary movie. joaquin phoenix and bryce dallas howard. you know it. i know you love joaquin phoenix"
"The Village?" 
"i remind you of joaquin phoenix from The Village?"
i pushed myself up onto my elbows, pulling my hair from his hand. he met my challenging gaze with a softer one. his lips delicately upturned as he brought his hand to my cheek. his thumb ran over my lips and he finally let out a small chuckle.
"no you remind me of the girl." 
"in what way?" 
"she was blind and you are not, obviously." he shrugged as i nestled my head deeper into his hand. "but she had so much trust in him- joaquin phoenix. what was his name?"
"ah, yes. when the monster was creeping right under her nose, she stood there- blind as she was- extended her hand, waiting for him to return to her. everyone was yelling at her 'get in the house!' but she wouldn't move until he came back to her. her name?"
"yes, yes. and he came running onto the porch, grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the safety of the basement. and he never let go of her hand. and he shamed her for waiting for him. but he loved her so much. he couldn't let go of her hand. he was almost uncomfortable with how much he loved her and how much he worried for her."
he paused. his eyes flicked around the park, up tree trunks and over gardens. he was breathing heavily with his eyes scrunched up and eyebrows furrowed. i  made my way onto my knees so i could place my left hand on his right cheek. i ran my fingers along his jaw and watched his face gradually relax. 
"i am ivy?"
"and i am your lucius."
"i see." 

© 2016 klsy

Author's Note

please forgive the grammatical mistakes i really don't have a patience for it.

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