pinpoint eyes

pinpoint eyes

A Poem by kmartell

i hate people who have to say something all the time.
renowned experts and such.

well i dont hate them

i had a rabbit once
i just had to have it and i begged and begged my father
finally he said yes
and everyone in the family gathered around
and we built a special wire and wood cage for the rabbit

and my father said, now you have to feed the rabbit
and take it out and let it  run around.

it was like something biblical that i had to do

and of course i said i would do it

to make a long story really short
because of who i was i naturally just forgot that there was even a rabbit.
i forgot the cage, after a week and then another week

and so the rabbit died

and one day when i came home from school or someplace,
he had buried the rabbit,
he was standing with a shovel and out of his eyes

came hate

out of his eyes came hate. black pinpoint hateful eyes. if
my father could have

i think that day he would have buried me with the rabbit.

© 2015 kmartell

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This is some awfully fine storytelling; I love the line "it was something biblical that i had to do", as overly complicated father and son relationships go back at least that far. Fine, fine stuff.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 31, 2015
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St. Albans, VT

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