Our Waterfall

Our Waterfall

A Poem by Kherry McKay

Everyone knows of the tug of the tide.


   Copyright © 2009 by Kherry McKay

                      Our Waterfall

I.  The Whirling



The junior grades watched
I followed her stare to the generals, the success stories
      but in the end she chose me
Lovers’ prizes are radiant.
November had wanted us for its dark intentions
We joined the shadowy cult of love —it came to us
like a turn-of-the-century meteor shower,
      no atmosphere, contending
The waiting fields of autumn gray, the rules of December
saw the necessity of her method,
her irresistible stillness.
I was known before I knew it.

II.  The Rushing

I’d mostly ignored myself until the atoms of her body
found me. Her gift was
like soft candy stretched across my chest
An embodiment of urgency came on then (hersmine—God’s)
Have you seen woman’s Yellow-Fire eyes?
We are merely the lightning clap
      we all wish to be done like that
Those little breasts, how she used them!
Lovers must breed love
She was charmeuse around me
that first night,
her healing representing all that’s great about the bed
—the angels.
It’s like a rainy day
How the boy down the street wishes the girl would dream
only of him
only of him
The sun was like rain in her bed
I couldn’t look away from her shininess,
like dark porcelain, it was.
Her ankles perfumed my existence
      the last days of the century
The arches of her feet were smooth like bridges
I couldn’t help but
expose myself. . .to their mystery. . . .




III.  The Shore



We talked and talked into the night
but eventually she walked out into it.
I took this as a sign I should move on
Those few months between us, how could they
change direction?
Like an over-weighted camel
       we couldn’t seem to muscle all the love
possible between us.
Why didn’t we reimburse when we loved? Why
did the end of our meaning have no meaning?
Many were hopeful for our return
for there — and there only—
women sang
of the relationship’s watery release.


IV.  Eddy


In the same way day becomes night,
       we ran out into the kitchen to explore each other
The changing shape of ecstasy
       was all that held us together.
We drank from the wheat of our heavy, sunless days




V.  Reflections



She was a petal, a sun-soaked native girl
I was her golden slave-cup
Her dark legs entwined me; I became
her chained healer. Smallness never seemed so intimate

We came without any more excitement
than the blues of her eyes
— the blue —the blue, ocean blue!




VI.  Current



Overpower, yet create, my being, I told her
I took all to be her womb, one womb

It brought much satisfaction but also loneliness

Whirlpool, vortex, loss of consciousness

VII.  Water Temperature



The faucet ran cold, and two people in love must be hot.

How could expressions of joy come at no expense?

They came when it was sunny — or wanted to be,
like the simple smiles children give.

She was remote and beautiful; all that remained was
for me to love myself

or grasp for a forgotten past.
She represented this tributary

VIII.  Approaching the Falls



Our moments of distance
shaped our hearts in ways we couldnt see

Yet within the rain
in the sleet of her narrow fingers, I learned
my profound lessons
They came to me whether I wanted them or not

d run up to me once with a sunny mouth
wanting a kiss:
These were ethics invisible, how the West was won,
that sort of thing. . . .
In the end, its the feeling of a pin leaving the skin.

IX.  Cool and Rapid Plunge

Down, down, down
Present tense
Always too, love draining counter-clockwise
in the hemisphere of the heart




X.  Pool, Underneath



I couldnt take all this change
without first walking in the rain

looking for the face of simplicity in everything,
for that would make August make sense.

d given little battles of love,
took firm intentions.

My fondest memory was from one cold morning,

those sensitized legs teasing me back into bed
(the body remembers
temperatures more than reasons)
           *                     *                     *

d taken the beginning to be clear,
undeniable evidence
we both were about to love,

but evidence is always, always deniable.

In the confusion came a certain clarity,

like the moment
underwater when up is discovered.

XI.  New Tributaries


d hoped and wished for love
Now we knew
desire must wind down completely for the song to reappear
like a silent exchange of matter

What of our lust? Our fears?
Time will be gentle to them, to us
How can lust and fear be said in the same breath,
when fear is so against our true natures
         and lust, so a part of them?

we—must join the warm ocean

The self has loomed before us, be we loved.
Hello! My reputation for beauty is from you
Our engagement, altered to include me

Though you
re gone, so am I.










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© 2009 Kherry McKay

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