In any form.

In any form.

A by Koeseki


that which is sweet, sing softly to me. As I think of love, my heart swells and yet it aches. I miss you already. You may see me, but your temporary infatuations tear me. I now have to wait, wait for turmoil or death, even in a small form.

I pray then that i will be able to save you and revive you beyond all that you are. Pulse with me, and I'll show you life, I'll show you love. Strengthen me and I'll strengthen you. I'll always strengthen you. No matter my recompense. “All i ever wanted was you” I hear it. I redirect it to my own.

Let me hold you, as you have and more. Let me be tender. I'll work for thy best in any way I can. I'll aways strive, no matter what lays in my way. I will persist through it all. Love births the fiercest of determination. Don't worry. I'll only do what is best for you. It's not about me, all about you. That is how it truly works. You don't have to love me. I'll love you. I'll do what is necessary, even if it means removing myself.

The wind of it fills in my chest. These three days, the pressure has built. I know now how to release it. Prepare yourself. I come to give you love in whatever form. Please receive it. For your own good, receive it in any form you will. I wait to hold you again in all your energy, in all your peace. You smiled as I said it. You ask for it in one form. I give it. Will you take it in another? I will not force it on you, but oh how my heart aches for a love without holding back. You see me. But, how? Is it through a tinted glass. Am I ever doomed to remain just your friend. I will remain your friend; yet i wish to be your lover. I wish to hold you with all the love I have for your. In a way both strong and tender I wish to hold you. I have been contented so far to show it only in little restrained streams. I wonder if you saw it. The tenderness for you. The way I looked at you. The way I spoke. Did you see the torment that seeped past my smile, when i learned of your infatuations. I do not hate him, and in no means you!

Jealousy burns in the darkest fire threatening to consume me. It is my overwhelming love for you that out shines this and keeps me bright. I promised not to hate, and therefore, i will not hate him. Rest assure that the moment you are not happy. The moment he hurts you. I will no longer spectate! If i have to wrestle Cupid himself! I will not let him cause you any more pain. Even if I have to give myself, throw my heart away, whatever it takes.

I will love you with all my heart, whatever It means.


© 2009 Koeseki

Author's Note

Unedited, flow of my emotions.

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nice write, its expression is soo good, in the whole write a nice them of a good heart is expersed.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on October 13, 2009
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