Not It!

Not It!

A Poem by krbritt

Why are we so motivated to be the same?

Can’t we spend that energy on something worthwhile?

                                    Something wonderful?

            Instead of trying to be differently similar

            Shutting ourselves into boxes

            Nailing down the lids ourselves,

                        Giving ourselves

No air

No leg room.

            Our rebellions are strikingly alike.

We are all too afraid to start something new

                                    Start afresh.

            So now what?

            Are we stuck in limbo?

                                    Frozen deer in headlights

Waiting for someone


                        To make the first move?

                                    Muscles tensed

Prepared to follow

            Quiver at the thought of having to lead.

Confused, calculated looks dart back and forth

            Trying too hard not to look vulnerable

                                    Not it!

No one to volunteer?

I can tell you one thing:

                        It sure as heck won’t be me.

© 2011 krbritt

Author's Note

This was for a school project, needless to say, it wont be allowed in the yearbook, which was what it was intended for. we wouldnt want anyone thinking our school was less than perfect, now would we?

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Oh, I don't think it reflects on your school. I think it's a great poem and it really captures the feelings people do have. Good job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very well put together. I love how easily you convey emotion. Very good Poem!
I have just opened a writing contest on my blog you should enter!
just go to
and the guidelines are on the right-hand side.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I am fourteen years old, and i go to a catholic school in an undisclosed location. i love to write, and im the freak in my family for it; everyone else is or is going to be a math or science major. I.. more..