I Am Only Human

I Am Only Human

A Story by krbritt

   There is that lull in the air, that racing-against-time feeling that the world as you know it ends soon, next week in fact. You always maintained that you were above these melancholic end of the year feelings, but as they come back to plague you for yet another summer, you're forced to conclude that you're only human. 


   Acknowledging your vulnerability is a major faux pas, and by this point in your school career, you've learned to be too cool for school, to snort and snicker at the students who are not as well versed in the art of cool and admit their nostalgia. But this year has thrown you off track, because it seems this year is the year to say, "Screw the rules" and make your feelings known.


    Somehow, even in this era of openness and lovey-dovey touchy-feely friendship, skeletons manage to burrow even deeper into the closets of your peers.  You're not much impressed by your own skeletons, but if everyone else is keeping theirs under wraps, why shouldn't you?  It's ironic how you manage to keep secrets in these last few weeks, when lips and texts and words fly thick and fast through the air to student's ears, conveniently missing those of teachers.


   Yearbooks are passed out, thus, egos skyrocket or plummet. Girls read too far into notes, boys don't read far enough. "Love" is thoughtlessly signed, and after a while, you realize, for some of those people, you meant it.  But you missed your oppurtunity to tell them, and you'll never get it back.


   Classes are winding down, the teachers too frazzled to bother.  The grade below you starts to mold to their new position as leaders of the school, while your class has still not resigned power. Battles of will occur regularly, but only half-hearted ones; the benevolent feeling of summer is quickly washing over us all.


   You are deliriously happy to be out of this place that has brought upon you so much pain, misery, and injustice, but you're sure to miss the ones that suffered through it with you.  You're not sure what next year will bring, only that it will be different, and after packing eight years at the same school, perhaps that's just what you need.




© 2011 krbritt

Author's Note

this isnt very well written. its the last week of eighth grade, so....yeah. enjoy

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Added on May 24, 2011
Last Updated on May 24, 2011




I am fourteen years old, and i go to a catholic school in an undisclosed location. i love to write, and im the freak in my family for it; everyone else is or is going to be a math or science major. I.. more..

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