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Quietly sneaking along the walls James heard the advancing of soldiers as they hollered "All hail the Queen may she live long and prosper" preceding the proud soldiers came the shambling of the rebel prisoners. James could hear their shackles drag across the worn brick street. Beaten and bruised the prisoners trudged behind trying to stay at a even pace to avoid the vicious whip biting at their backs as they walked towards their public executions.  James sprinted closing the gap between them gripping his rifle yelling "Now!" as his comrades rose armed with a few pistols and rifles attacked the convoy. The short skirmish ended against all odds with the prisoners set free and the small rebel band arming themselves with bloodied weapons. Helping a fellow fighter James asked 

 "Griffin you alright? Where's Petrov?" 

"I'm fine thanks mate. Petrov he's dead James, dead. In the march he got too weak he fell, I tried to help him up but  the pigs they kept whipping him.  Sorry" 

Griffin said trembling from the cold.

"Lets get you out of here friend. Everyone else good work today but this fight is not yet over. Get some rest and be ready for Tomorrow men." James replied leading his companion their pub.

As James opened the door he was greeted with a passionate kiss. 

Smiling James replied "Hey Lena,"

"Thank god your alright I was worried. Is my brother alright? Griff! Griff! Where are you?" Lena. 

Griffin had followed James in and had taken a seat recovering from his wounds. 

"I'm over here Lena if your not busy making out with James over there you would've seen me." he attempting to laugh but spastic coughs followed. Griffin embraced by his elder sister tried to pull out a cigarette when James snatched it out of his hand. "Jesus, Griff these are goin' to kill you" 

"Yeah? Well so's the world James so is the world." Griffin sardonically replied taking back his cigarette. Lena had brought both each of them a glass of water and asked

 "I heard you John and his boys raided the armory while both of you were gone." 

"Before I answer that hon. A cheer to Petrov. I am truly sorry I didn't come earlier. Sorry" 

All three of them saluted their dear friend. 

"Yes Lena I ordered John to raid the armory so we would have supplies for our counter-attack on their base tomorrow." James said ending the tribute.

"Aye and they'll have a hell to pay." replying Griff

"I don't like this plan it's too structured what if something goes wrong. I have a bad feeling." Lena said worrying about her two loved ones. 

"Don't worry it'll be fine anyways Griff has my back and I his." 

"Still something is odd." She stated without a sense of doubt.

"I have to go though sorry hon" 

"Well I'm gonna rest up. You better get some rest too. No use being tired tomorrow." Griffin said walking out into the brisk cold.

Walking out Griffin took out another cigarette lighting it as he climbed up the steps leading into his flat. Turning on the lights he saw a figure sitting on his dining table. "Hello, Griffin I hope your ready for your and of the deal tomorrow." The man said with a modest tone. 

"Aye, I know what I have to do. What I don't know is why the bloody hell you're here." Griffin replied aggressively.

"No need to get tense. I just came to make sure."

"Well ya better get out before I kick your a*s out."

"Fine, Fine just be ready Griffin." The man replied heading out of the door.

When the man left, Griffin lay on his bed pondering on the deed that was to be carried out the next day. When he finally drifted off to sleep it was and an hour past twelve. 

When he woke up he collected his two-way radio, ammunition,  and his rifle. He stopped just as he came to his door he turned around and opened his drawer and pulled out his 9mm. With a sigh he tucked it between his belt and walked out of the door. He walked straight inside the sudan that was waiting for him.

 "Morn'in James" Griffin answered.  

"Morning Griff. I hope your ready cause once I take the shot we're gonna have to run in with the others." James replied as he revised his plan with Griffin.

"Ready?" he asked

"Born ready." Griffin replied trying to hide a grimace as his leg shot out pain. 

They both walked out of the car and into a building being renovated across from

their objective.

"Something wrong with your leg Griff?" James said noticing his limp.

"Just a little pain from yesterday." He replied covering the immense amount of pain.

"Alright but maybe you should sit this out." James said concerned with his friend.

"No! I don't wanna miss out." Griff hastily replied.

"Fine, we're here anyways." James said as they got onto the roof.

James began opening a duffel bag where he pulled out parts to a sniper rifle the other group had taken yesterday. As he set it up he said

 "Hey Griff watch the door for me." 

"Alright will do." Griff said walking toward the exit.

"I wanted to talk about Lena." James chatted while loading his gun. 

"Wanted to ask your blessing so I can marry her." 

"That's great!" Griffin joyfully agreed.

"Thanks" James said as he set up for the shot.

When he got to the ledge he pressed the stock into his chest as he slowly breathed waiting for his pray. Then out of the blue he saw a ghost James got up yelling "What the hell Griff, Petrov's right there. He's standing right in the headquarters having a drink with the Queen." Turning around he saw Griffin holding his pistol at him saying  "I'm sorry brother but the stakes are too high. I can't have you leading anymore." He felt a tearing pain at his shoulders as he heard a crack that filled the sky. Stumbling back he saw Griffin turn his back on him, then he fell. James was cutting through the air he saw his blood flying past him. He felt a sharp pain in his back as he hit the scaffolding on the side of the buildings. Groaning he tried to get up but the pain was too much. When he laid still he heard gunshots fill the sky as he turned around James saw his men fighting threw the battlefield led by a figure that looked vaguely like Griffin. Then pain was too immense for him to stay awake for much longer. He began to pass out the last thing he heard was cheers which side it was he could not see.

© 2011 kjsa

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Thanks I tried to get the beginning to sound right.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i love thatheaskes for his blessing first, it was really good i loved the begining, you distinguested the charater really well great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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