Slayer (Part 1)

Slayer (Part 1)

A Story by LivingHope.

Ranger's head moved to the beat of the song playing in the club. The techno sound mixed with hit radio songs, a mix that Ranger had recorded earlier in the day. Her long bleached blonde hair was cut in a severe and straight line across the middle of her back, and her bangs right above her eyes. People said that she had the Lady GaGa look going on, but Ranger declined those statements, saying that it was how she liked her hair to look.


Strobe lights pulsated throughout the club, the bright colors flashing against the skin of high school and college students. She watched warily, searching for anything that might give her prey away. Their pale skin almost seemed to absorb the colorful light, and it made them glow. Ranger had to stop them, already, three teenage girls had disappeared in the club.


Ranger checked for her stake, the teeming silver and teflon stake that she hid stuffed into her jeans like a cowboy would with a gun. She returned to her station on the small stage where the machinery sat, and began mixing live. Before moving to California, she'd learned how to be a DJ from some of her old friends. Apparently, this was the first DJ guise that her society had come up with. That's what their job was: kill rogue vampires and other demons.


It was an hour later when she saw one. It was a male who looked nineteen years old, and stood at over six feet tall. His hair was dark, the color of burnt coffee, which contrasted against his incredibly pale and pearl like skin. He looked up at her from the dance floor, and grinned felinely.


"Hello," he drawled out, "You are the DJ, no?"

"Yeah, I am."

"My name is Kypton. Yours is?"

"Ranger." Her name did not raise any awareness in his eyes. Kypton was obviously new to California, and so did not know who she was just yet.

"What a lovely name. I-"

"Kypton! What are you doing?" a female voice demanded. Kypton turned, seeing another of his kind, a short and curvy blonde. Her black, soulless eyes stared at Ranger with such a hate that would be impossible for a human to muster. "That's the girl I warned you about! The Slayer!"

Kypton turned to Ranger, who grinned impishly.

"You better run." she said.

© 2009 LivingHope.

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I want to read more of this!

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