A Poem by Krista

Should I live to see one more day,
Maybe one more week,
Or is it just time to let everything go?
Everything hurts anymore,
Every little thought,
Makes me question life,
Every night I ask myself,
"Why do I try anymore?"
Can't someone just answer me?
Make me feel nothing,
Even if just for a little while.
Make the pain ease,
The past just go away.
Make me feel some type of person,
Who is wanted and welcome.
Instead of the person,
Who is nothing ever but a burden.
The one who isn't always needy,
And for once make me feel nothing,
Nothing at all.
Or should I just call it the end,
The end of the life,
I never wanted or belonged in.
For just one second,
Can't a person just look past the walls I made?
Break them down and just see the pain,
The flood wanting to happen,
That's been wanting to break free.
Can't someone see the entire me?
And not the person I show to everyone for the lie it is.
The fake smile,
Or the held back tears,
Which do you see?
The pain from now and the past,
Or something entirely else?
The choice is mine,
Live or die
But knowing that some do care
Does it matter or help?
Yes but at times it's not enough
To let me decide if it's worth it.

© 2018 Krista

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Added on May 20, 2018
Last Updated on May 20, 2018




My name is Krista. I'm 27 years old. I have an eating disorder and am a cutter. I'm also depressed most of the time a very negative out look on life. more..

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