Shastri and friends(Part-1)

Shastri and friends(Part-1)

A Story by Kuldeep desai

Inspired by Malgudi days

 (Inside classroom of 7th std, Model Primary School)
“Swati do you know that yesterday Shastri hugged that bad luck tree its seems and everyone ran after seeing that?”
“Shilpa are you serious? That too we are sitting behind him and you are telling now, come let’s move the bench bit backwards we should maintain distance”
“Swati !!!Shilpa !!! come lets go to play its 4:00 even teacher gave the permission”

(Everyone run towards the ground)

(Manju telling his fellowmates in the ground )

“Hey see there bad luck Shastri don’t touch him, don’t take him in the team. Hey you go and sit in class don’t come to play with us”

“Manju what I have done wrong, I just hugged it to show you that nothing will happen, its also a normal tree like others”

“No its not,  once a guy touched it and bad luck followed him and he became devil and ate all his friends”

(Swamy who was Shastri’s best friend interferes saying.)

“Manju its all an rumor it has never happened”

“Swami I know u r his best friend, but from now you be away from him”

: “Swami its ok I will go to class you guys play!!!!”

“Oh!!!no it started raining see Swamy its all because of Shastri now no one cant play come lets go to class and this has happened for 3rd time whenever he comes to play its starts raining”

(Shastri going alone to home from School after when School is left)
Swami runs towards him and stops Shastri
“Shastri why cant you stop when I am calling you?”

“Swami go away if they see you with me, you will also be treated bad like me!!!!”

“Let them see, its all hoax and one day for sure they will come to know about that, I don’t understand why others friends believe whatever Manju says even Swati and Shilpa, we used to play together but still…...”

“Swami now what to do?”

“Don’t worry I will find a way…..”

(Next day morning shastri getting ready for School)

“Amma(mom) where is English notes I cant see them, I am getting late”

(Shastri’s father in anger)
“You should search and keep it ready ,before sleeping idiot now you are searching at last moment daily how many times should I tell you are not a small kid!!!!!”

(Shastri’s mother comes in hurry)
“Its here I got it you go and have your breakfast I will dress him up you are getting late for office. Shastri daily how many times you will get scolding from your father? Try to be god boy no, ok go and have breakfast fast its already late”

TV Reporter on the news
“This Time Karnataka has witnessed low amount of rain, which has affected north part a lot causing a severe damage to the farmers and even affected in the production of Electricity, around 300 farmers have lost there life government is still acting like nothing has happened, If rain doesn’t shows up this year then people of Karnataka has to suffer lot”

“Amma buy I am going to school!!”

“Hey Shastri wait it may rain today take umbrella and go!!!!”

“Amma you know what, whenever I take Umbrella and go it will not rain, if I didn’t it will rain.Swami says it's Co-incidence but my other friends says that i am "bad luck Shastri" Whatever Let it rain Amma, Let it rain…”

“Shalini(Shastri’s Mom)  what you are doing standing near gate I am not able find my Office files here!!!!”

(Shalini whispering within herself)
“I am seeing my son, My son !!!”

© 2015 Kuldeep desai

Author's Note

Kuldeep desai

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Very nice story!
Keep it up!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Kuldeep desai

8 Years Ago

Thank you.....your review mean a lot to me...
A very interesting story. I wanted to know more. I like the location, situations and the characters. The story is strong and brought the reader in. Thank you for sharing the story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Kuldeep desai

8 Years Ago

Oh thank you..... do you think any corrections it need?
Coyote Poetry

8 Years Ago

The story had a interesting set-up. Using personal speak though out the story. I like the style. Mak.. read more
Kuldeep desai

8 Years Ago

Thank you.....

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Kuldeep desai

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