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      “Swami!!!! meet Raghu his dad got transferred here last week, you know his dad is Senior engineer at my dad’s company and they moved in to the house which is just behind our street 2 days before, he is joining today to school he will be our new classmate and he has…….”

“ok ok!!!! Shastri calm down you are very much excited…….Hi Raghu”

“Hi Swamy, Shastri I will go and meet our class teacher before class commence.”

“ok, wait wait!!!!!! Give your bag I will keep it beside my seat”

( Shastri whispering in Swamy’s ear)

“you know he has x-bos playstation yesterday I saw it in his house”

“What is that?”

“you stupid you don’t know that its coolest videogame you feel like real while playing”

“But when we play at the streets it is actually real right?”

“you are dumb, don’t know about that”

“Shastri what are you doing you are keeping his bag beside you but that’s my seat.”

“Swami please sit next row with yogi even he his also your friend right?”



(Bell rings class gets over everyone get ready their bags to go home)

“Shastri wait why are you going so fast cant you wait for me?”

“No Swami I am going with Raghu, you know what he has got new cycle that too with gear, I will go with him”

After two days

(It will be Sunday Swamy sitting alone near his house throwing stones )

Manju:”Swamy what are you doing here alone why you guys didn’t come to play for two days?”

“No Manju I didn’t had any mood to play”

“Don’t lie, that moron Shastri didn’t come that’s why right? I too came to know about that brat Raghu he thinks he is the coolest guy in our school I already don’t like him and this Shastri has become his bloody tail, wherever he goes this idiot will follow even to toilet and you know what he will even carry his school bag while going to home”

“Its ok Manju I can play even without him and I was even thinking to come”

“Come to ground at 4:00….”

(The other day i.e. Monday)

“Swamy!!! Swamy!!! Swamy!!! Yesterday I saw Jurrasic World movie you know in Raghu’s house it was really awesome”

“Shastri I am not interested in these things you no need to go come and say to me anything.”

“I know you are feeling jealous……..”

Manju: “hey!!! Shastri just come here!!!”


“What do you think of yourself man how can you leave Swamy and go and play with that brat!!!”

“no I have not left Swamy he his my friend but Raghu is also my friend and playing with him”

“you are playing with Raghu because he his Engineer’s son and he has all that cool thing, Swamy is a poor priest’s son and he has nothing so you left him”

“no I didn’t leave him”

“do you know how much bad he his feeling? Do you know he didn’t come to play with us because you were not there”      

 “I was not knowing about this….”

“You know what you are Selfish person that I have never seen”


(Next day)

“Swamy wait!!! Wait!!!! Why don’t you stop when I am calling? I am trying to talk with you since from yesterday”

“I said before no I am interested to hear.”

“Swamy  I was not aware that it would hurt  you so much I am sorry….”

“Shastri I am not upset, its your choice and but it’s a good choice because with me you would have never played Videogame and you know what people are calling you these days ‘Raghu’s tail’ I don’t know how to be like that and I don’t know how to leave a friend, you did a good choice . Bye!!!”

Raghu: “ Hey Shastri come here!!!! meet Rajeev his dad got transferred here last week, you know his dad is Chief engineer at my dad’s company and they moved in to the house which is our neighborhood , he is joining today to school he will be our new classmate and from today I will be sitting next to him so you please move to the next row ok. Shastri!!! Hey Shastri!!! Were are you what are you thinking so much, take your bag and move to the next row and from today he will be coming in my cycle ok!!!.”

Shastri:”Ok!!! Ok!!!”





© 2016 Kuldeep desai

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A interesting chapter. You pt a lot into the chapter. Remember to add who, what, where, when and how to every situation. I did like the characters and the story had great possibilities.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Kuldeep desai

7 Years Ago

thank you for reading.......i hope you read the coming chapters as well.............
Coyote Poetry

7 Years Ago

If you do. Please send read requests and you are welcome.

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1 Review
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