Noice of slilence.

Noice of slilence.

A Chapter by kumars

One day i was up set of noise, i needed some silence,  day along i made one decision to find out silence of noise. i made my mind to put myself in corner. there i realized that some one guided me in my silence. he said-


Have you ever heard silence in side noise. Not yet then try out some day , walk out to  a halt and find out real Silence of Noise. Pocking you just, its not really difficult to do ; perhaps very tough task ,some one to finish off with. Not yet realized then follow this simple chart of action.

 1) Find out some thing out side, what you really like to see and search  around.

 2) Yes of course, any thing what you think that really present in this world.

 3) One condition that's should not be found out by any other earlier, some thing rare, only you know that and no one else. 

 4) That's why i suggested you its not easy as you thought, still hopes are alive and world's goes on excl.  

 5) One thing you realize doing; everyone is busy making noise; but for what, of course for some thing what i suggested you before.

 6) You got the point every day you walk and work out but for what, sure for some rare thing, still don't know.

 7)  Noise and only Noise every where, still keeping your pace and search goes on, but not found out you search yet.

 8) So, depressed, annoyed, but why and for what; answer same result has not come yet.

9) Now struggling, pace is declining, sure but still Noise every where even your inner side.

10) You realized, got, and now nothing left to find out only Silence.


More you find out then mail me.









© 2013 kumars

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Added on December 17, 2013
Last Updated on December 17, 2013



Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

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