onebig question

onebig question

A Chapter by kumars

daughter are one big question for indians


Mr. Banerjee  is a professor of history in government school. Mr. Banerjee is known as very gentle and honestman in his society. So as mr. Banerjee. He has two daughter elder aasha and younger seema. But contrary seema always looked Elder and aasha looked elder. This is society says. But for mr. Banerjee both are same. As mr. Banerjee believes in equality. Mrs. Banerjee is  a house wife but educated house wife. A traditional indian house wife. Before marriage she wanted to do higher studies. But parents said tenth is higher education for girl. Mr. Banerjee family life is very smooth till that day when mr. Banerjee mother had not come to city to have some treatment. She lived in village. So she thinks she is the living god. That evening mr. Banerjee was yet to come from college. But ca yous was all ready in the house. Sheela what is this. You have send seema to receive me at railway station. Do you know how is this world. Today our village are not safe and this is city. How could you do this. Do you have some mind or you have lost your mind here. I am surprised. Where is Bose. I specially informed him one month earlier so that he can arrange for me. He has no time to receive me. I born ed for this day.  some body said right. No one is yours. Maji he was all decided to come to receive you pat railway station but at a time some urgent work.. Urgent work i know how urgent work he is doing. Young daughter is welcoming me this is his urgent work. We have name in society. His father just lived for name. Not for fame. What to do with fame when society start abusing you. What happened dadi if i came to receive you. Seem interrupted dadi. Seem you don't know anything. But i am dadi. Three generations i have seen. So i understand everything. I know eyes. So don't teach me like your father. He may be professor for other he will remain my son. i am ashamed  to see those boys looking at you. I was feel g ashamed but she even didnt noticed. How shame that was. Let benu come i will teach him. I think he is ... Dadi stopped. Seela was silent so as assha. When dadi was tried she looked at assha. What are you looking at me. Go and get some water for me. I think these people have forget all values. Seema walked to kitchen and fetched one glass of water. Dadi picked up that glass of water. It was cold. What is this i dont drink machine cold water. Go and get another glass of water pure and natural. Seema again walked to kitchen  and came up another glass of water. Yes dadi your glass of water. I have arrived later in this house and they have started killing me. Dadi was talking to her self when seema asked dadi for water. Dadi took the glass of water  and took some rest. Five minute later dadi was speaking . But shella and seema were not there. They have closed their door and they were talking rest. When dadi realized that there is no ine to here her she got quite for some time. Then suddenly she spoke in loud voice. Seema. Seema heard her voice and approached her quickly. Yes dadi. I want to take some rest. Where is my room. Dadi, we have no separate room. Here we have two room and one gallery here.. What so where i sleep. Here in this galley. And where my bad.dadi even we don't use bad in gallery. Seema said. I don't sleep without bad. It is risky. Who knows at what time ant or other animal bite you. No ant is here. And you will found any animal in whole city seema laughed. Still i will not sleep in gallery. Clean one room one month i will rest in that room. You adjust for one month. Daddi was overt with instructions....


© 2013 kumars

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Added on December 17, 2013
Last Updated on December 17, 2013
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