the jailer.

the jailer.

A Poem by kumars

yes we should be aware of.


One must say he is special, or either he is born special.

Those who say he is special, are one who are really special. But one day we realize that we are special for our self. Mind set us special while our thought make us special.

Mere one reflection of our sight is what make us special, that time i was in ground alone, mere alone,

But i was special this is what i always know,

Simply being alone was not always special. I thought special, i do sometimes odd and think myself special.

Many times i got caught and many times my own perception countered, who said i was special and who say today the same hell.

I was not special, i was not born special, i did not do special, and i do confess that i am not special.  

I had turned a lot. I said them every times that i look same like you, i do think same as you.

But why you find me special, why you compare me with those odd things which some did in past.

That day i remember when i was near to hell,

I did my best to get into the hell, because everyone told me this is the best suitable for you,

Why, i said because every time i made similar counters.  

Nothing to suspect, this was my hobby, prepares my profession or my gesture of life.

I was near just to enter into when they fumbled.

Why you should do this to me.

You put me into hell. Even you know the best option for you.

You should be punished. And one post was always vacant in this life.

The jailer.

Yes, the jailer.

I became the jailer, i started my life as jailer through then.

The jailer.

© 2014 kumars

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very nicely said next time i will take care of it. thank you rajat.

Posted 8 Years Ago

The jailer what a wonderful title you choose,
other than its awesomeness it can also be use ,
in the heart of jailer

Posted 8 Years Ago

You format here read like a letter--Is that intended?
"The Jailer" is repeated through out this putting emphasis on it.
I think you should choose a different font to make this more readable and maybe make it bigger, too.
There is a very negative air about this writing and a dark cloud hangs over it.
Seems like you signed it as The jailer in the end...

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on January 5, 2014
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