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Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by lakki

It's weird how the sound of a message on your phone can bring a mixture of joy and excitement. Let it be from your crush !

A window pops in the middle of her screen. She hurriedly glimpses its notification before getting it marked as read. She didn't like to seem so easy going. For that she waited a minute to answer back. 
"Hello Angel ! "
"How are you doing ? " 
"Fine and you ? "
"Fine as well." 
And then comes that deadly silence. She has so many things to talk about, yet when being in front of the screen her courage to let them out just fades away with the beating of her heart. He can't see her, yet she's trembling on the idea of how to let him like her. 
She took the courage, and wrote: 
"So... What's up ? "
She knows Deep inside that this sort of questions has two ending ways. One is that your correspondant would take the wheel of discussion, and starts talking about an event that happened to him, or he will deliver an answer like :
"Nothing, you ? "
He tended to take the second way, now it is her turn to animate the discussion, which in situations like these is the hardest thing ever. 
"Cool, I guess." 
"Good. " 
"May I ask you a question if you don't 
mind ? It's for a homework I'm doing. " 
"Yes, of course. Go ahead." 
'An answer of five words. I'm doing great ! I'm leading him to talk !' she thought. 
"Can you give your own definition of happiness ? " 
'Really ? And you think this is going to lead him to talk longer ? How dumb !' a voice in her head commented. 
"Okey. Wait a minute. I will be back."
'See the results of your dumb thinking ! You made him flew away !' her voice noted. 
'He will come back. I'm sure ! '
'Okey, Miss. Optimism !' 
She started scrolling up and down the Facebook feeds, to get over the feeling of being dumped. She thought that by occuping her mind off with something else, the law of attraction will do its work, and he will come back to her. 
'Keep waiting Darling ! It's been ten minutes since he left. Maybe he's looking for happiness for you. Maybe he is dumber than you are.'
"Back ! "
'Told you, he will come back ! '
Before she could welcome him back, he added:
"I'm sorry for the delay. My mom asked me to go buy things over, in this cold day. Can you imagine that ? "
" Poor you ! "
"Where have we stopped ? Happiness, right ? "
"Yep. "
"I think that happiness is anything that makes us happy." 
She felt disappointed that this is all he could come up with, so she remarked on how short his definition is. 

"I'm sorry. It's just that I don't know how to express myself very well." 
"Thank for your help anyway."
He answered with another improved definition in that happiness is nothing, but a choice. 
She thanked him for his help, and said goodbye to him. 
She actually had nowhere to go, and she didn't know why she had to leave. She maybe was scared that her staying might lead to that deadly silence to which she is not ready to be blamed for by herself.

Hope you liked the first chapter. It is short because I wanted to reflect, how a 24h day may resume only to the moments we hold much attention to. Let me know of your opinion, for knowing that somebody is reading my writings gives me a push to look forward to writing again.

© 2018 lakki

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Added on August 3, 2018
Last Updated on August 3, 2018