Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by lakki

Why the bother of caring of what people think of you or might not ? 
Shut up you ! It's easy for you to say that when you are all covered up by me. 
You find it funny huh ?  
Kind of feeling guilty by pushing you too far. You have a hand in that too, you know !  
Would you please let me focus on my story ? 
Ah right !  I forgot we are in the hotel hall. People are staring at you hoooooo! LOL
Zen was a simple teenager. She isn't what you are expecting. She is neither popular in high-school, neither dates the hottest guy. She is far from that. She is much more like me and you. Those who think the world revolves round them, yet that's all the work of their imagination. Her hair naturally slides on her face. She has a shade of grey eye color. She is naturally clever when it came to philosophical conception.  She loves going on philosophical debates over Facebook. 
She is a big manga lover, and awkardly enough she often falls in love with fictional characters. That might explain why she loves Angel that much. Speaking of Angel, she has never met him so far. The first online encounters were only restricted to the profile picture of Jesse Mccartney. 
Oh !  I remember how your heart crushed inside when seeing that invitation of his. I worked hard to level up steronine in your blood, but ...That Jesse was... 
Yeah, that old story again. Blablabaaa
You don't know how to make it interesting, right ?  

I wonder how they could write autobiographies, and I can't even turn my simple love story into something catchy. 

That's because you don't have any life. Lol Do you call that a love story , seriously ? You are not a hidden Jane Austen, or John Greene are you ?  
Haha...Very funny !  
I'm just saying that you should add up some fiction into it. Real is boring

I just want people to relate to it. Only by being real, one can reach that. Besides I hate those cliché stories in which one is deadly hot and the other is super normal then suddenly both of their worlds are turned upside down. It never happens anyway!

Oh! Said by miss who stayed late every night just to see whether Mr. Billionaire would end up with his lady Simple. Cut this non-sense up! You girls love this sort of things. You crave to be loved by someone out of your reach, and then you go all drama about it

But Zen is different! She is a normal girl with normal standards.

Let's see how you can keep up with that! 

Her phone suddenly rang. She has always this habit of frightening when her phoe rings. Her expectations of impressing the receiver didn't exclude phone calls.

"Hello!",she answered.

"Hi Zen! It's Mia.", a soft voice responded.

It has been a while since Mia is acting weird, constantly trying to find me a compatible guy. She and Angel were close friends, before she changes school. Last week, on the school break, she started playing the game of the person who is thinking about you right now. It is a silly game they used to play whenever they saw a white strake left behind a passing plane in the sky. (It's silly right? What's the connection between people's heart with planes' tracks? How absurd!) She purposely gave her number one, so that Zen relates it to Angel (because A the first letter in the alphabet which is the principle of this game). Zen feels a bit uncomfortable when people know of her lovy dovy things. 

"What's up?"

"I feel a bit bored, so I was wondering if you could take of me a company and we go downtown?", she hurriedly stuffed her request, so that Zen won't have time to respond.

"Ok. Where would you like to meet up?"

"After an hour maybe?"

"Ok. See you near the coffee shop."

"Love ya!"


Once she hang up this short conversation, she quickly started to think of the sort of outfit to wear. Girls might have a full wardrobe, yet they always feel frustrated when coming to put something over them. 

Nothing so far! You changed a lot of details in your story huh? What happened to miss real?

Shut up! She is not supposed ato be a copy of me, besides I need more suspense.

Bring it on, girl! Because right now, I bet no one would be reading this story of yours. 

She headed to her wardrobe, and picked up simple Jeans with a white t-shirt on which it was written The Beatles. She never had problem with her hair, for she only styled it into a bun. She doesn't wear make up, either. 

"Where are you going?", her mom asked. 

"To meet Mia.", Zen answered without slowing her pace.

"You didn't ask for permission, did you?", her mom questioned.

"It won't take long mom! Besides I'm a grown up now!"

"Don't use that excuse against me! And don't enjoy yourself a lot, and you forget about time", her mom said.

"Yes mom!" while hurrying to get out of the house.

She waited in the coffee for Mia to show up. Knowing that Mia won't be in time, she busied herself with studying the people surrounding her. 

"This is your milk-latte miss", the server broke her reveries.

She thanked him while ...

You are not going to make her fall in love with the waiter, right? That would certainly be cheessy! Besides she would look like a reckless girl forgetting about Angel when being brought into reality. 


She wondered how she could not notice his silent beauty. He was the kind of guy that his attractive side resides in his simplicity. When he bowed some hair laces escaped his messy and curly bun, and with unstudied move he would just swift his head a little adding an extra attractiveness to his look. He is medium muscular guy. 

Oh this is Mr. Perfect no? Or is he going to be the rival to Angel?

I don't know yet. 

Give him power to talk at least. Put some sparks between them. I want to see them together, please! 

She is just a normal girl, remember! She is only going to study his beauty while thinking that being cold might gain her his attention. 

We are in a fictional world, remember! Have a sense of gambling in feelings. 

She soon noticed that she was not the only observer of this beauty. Other girls were steps ahead of her and already playing with their hair while longing to push conversations with him. He is obviously not the sort of talkative guys, for he only served them half smiles while taking  their orders. When he turned his back on them, and headed to the counter to get their orders out, they were all checking him from afar. Some of them let out loud giggles. Zen was too absorbed in observing the whole scene only to be awaken by a really creaky voice. 

"One can easily read their minds out, right?"

Freaked out, she leveled her eyes up only to meet dreamy, hazel-nuts eyes. One can see a whole mystery in them. His eyes wore a mysterious taint, that with only one glance they set fires of doubt on their beholders. 

"Hum?", she stuttered. 

"I saw you watching the whole view from afar, so I thought a comment from the target won't do you any harm.", he uttered with a smirk. 

How are you going to solve this out? You just put her in a situation where either she makes him fall in love with her or she would! 

Zen was not good at social interactions, she just wished she had a keyboard to accurately form an impressive response. But what are the odds. She only managed to say: 

"I appreciate that!", with a slight smile. 

Playing it cold, huh!

Feeling that his this conversation won't last for long he smiled, and went over the counter. Zen tried not to look at the sides where he showed up to avoid being caught again. As she proved to be not a good unnoticed observer. But that was  impossible, for he tended to be in every angle she tried to overlook, and soon she saw him with the corner of her eyes his shades just getting closer, only to reside beside her. 

"Is your date not showing up today?", he asked. 

"Nah! It's a friend I am waiting for." she quickly responded. 

This last answer seemed to gain him relief, and courage to make the discussion longer. 

"Is this your first time coming into this coffee shop?"

"Not really."she answered. 

She couldn't get pass this habit of hers in giving brief answers to people she newly met. 

That reminds me of a person. I wonder who that might be! LOL

People usually take that as a sign of disturbance and feel offended, and soon cut discussion with her under the label of a cold-hearted, boring person. It only takes those who are persistent enough to see the natural, crazy Zen. In some ways, this works as a filter to her encounters. 

He didn't move away regardless of the silence that roamed between them. Zen felt his gaze studying her. She felt really embarrassed, and thought that this might be his revenge for staring earlier. 

"I'm sorry for staring at you earlier. I get it now! Would you just end this game of yours now!", she bursted. 

He seemed to be taken by her sudden flow of thoughts, then...

Would you go out on a date with me? Don't do that please...Grrrrr

I'm not, just hush it! 

He leaned closer to her, so that little room was left and...

Not a kiss, come on!!! 

Don't push me to do it! LOL


© 2018 lakki

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Author's Note

Hope you like this chapter, let me know of your opinion. :D

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Added on August 3, 2018
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