Open the Gate

Open the Gate

A Poem by Nautili

Death and loss


We rendezvous in hazy dreams,
but you hasten away with the morning light.
I look for your fading visage in
your poetry,
beautiful yet sometimes turbulent words that
mirror your duality, O Janus,
god of New Beginnings.

Words that are joyful like a child,
Lovely words that seem otherworldly.
And hardened words -
concrete reminders
of pain's heaviness upon your soul. 

Profundity arises like a spirit
from the simplicity of your genius.

You have left, departed for home,
and left me here alone, picking, always picking
fragile petals of memories.
Sometimes saying, I must confess,
as they flutter down,
"He loved me,
He loved me not."
I miss you, I truly do.
I had a dream of walking along a bridge,
the wind nipping at my hair,
dark locks flying everywhere.
There I read a love poem,
and cried bittersweet tears, 
A gust of wind suddenly arose,
taking the letter from my hand and 
sending it into the river.
It floated for awhile 
and then sank to the murky depths.
I looked to the other side of the bridge, 
and realized it was never completed,
A bridge to no where.
I heard your voice calling me, 
but there was no way to get over to the other side.
I wonder why I thought
the bridge was built for you and me.
Disillusionment means
the end of believing an illusion.
It is like being in a lucid dream,
realizing the bridge
is in your imagination,
and the beautiful words 
weren't meant for you
after all.


© 2016 Nautili

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