You Shouldn't Have Returned

You Shouldn't Have Returned

A Chapter by Kyarri

Skylar O'Dell has been out of state for a week with her father and has finally returned home...and sees two intriguing men in the airport...and be told she could not go home.


“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in Phoenix Arizona in just a few minutes.  The captain has turned on the seatbelt sign overhead so please fasten your seatbelt”.  I looked out my window, overlooking the vast landscape of endless desert.  My dad had finally woken up once the PA system on the plane announced our landing. Just great.  I’m back in the sweltering heat only just to pack up to go to another country in less than a week.  Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling a lot.  I just wasn’t ready to return back to my one hundred and sixteen degree farenheit home for one more week. Dad on the other hand was estatic, and with every right to be.  Living as a geographical bachelor is hard, especially when your family lives millions of miles away from you.  “You ok pumpkin? You have been really quiet on the trip” he said hugging me.  I just shrugged and watched the desert turn into an oasis of city.  “I’m just tired dad.  We got up early to fly back home.  The fatigue is just getting to me that’s all”.  He nodded and sat back in his seat, waiting to land.  “Ladies and gentlemen we are now in Phoenix.  Please set your seat in an upright position and keep your seatbelts fastened”.


                As I stepped off the plane, it felt like I stepped into a new area.  I had gotten so use to Milwaukee’s cool temperatures and high humidity that I literally felt all the moisture in my skin evaporate in the dry desert environment.  My dad stepped to the side to get his shoes shined, giving me the time to stretch my legs out for a few minutes. Stepping into the coffee shop, I felt the presence of a person behind me, causing me to shiver and my blood run cold.  My hands balled into fists, prepared to defend myself in fear that it was someone who could cause harm to me and turned around.  I blinked in disbelief.  There was not a single person behind me or even in the store I was in.  I blinked again and saw only a man speaking to another man as if he were talking about business.  Every single living thing seemed to have disappeared around me, creating a really awkward feeling situation as both the males looked into my direction.  The first one was tall, maybe six foot two, and the other was possibly six feet.  I would have considered them to be your everyday joe if it were not for the fact that both men’s physical traits were so…intriguingly disturbing.  The tall man had henna body art climbing the back of his neck and into his dark brown hair that was short and spiky with blonde tips, enhancing his beautifully shaped face.  His skin was a dark color so immediately I assumed he was Native American. But the most intruiging feature he had were his eyes.  His eyes were the most beautiful green that one would have believed that they were true emeralds.  His friend had the opposite colored hair but the same style.  His eyes were a sapphire blue and he definitely was a white boy.  Angels.  That was the only thought that came to mind next to fairies.  No man on this planet was that good looking and bold enough to stand in Sky Harbor Airport without at least one girl with them.  At that moment, it had occurred to me that I was the only one who have been staring at them.  The many bodies that were in the terminal were just passing them by, not even glancing at them.  The tall one smirked at me.  Don’t you think it’s a little rude to be staring? I shot up immediately.  Those were not my thoughts.  I looked back at the men only to find that they were gone and in my hand was a piece of paper that felt like it would rip at the touch but surprisingly didn’t.  Carefully, I unfolded the paper and rolled my eyes as I read the note.


Sky O’Dell,

          Your return to Arizona has been an untimely event. Know your enemies.  Leave Phoenix.  Stay away from those who are close to you and above all, do not return home.


My hands twitched as I read the note, anger and annoyance building up all at once as I began to compose a note in my head.


Freaks who gave me this note,

          Two words for you; Bull Crap!


          Dad finally returned, making me feel a little better, and took me outside so we could get picked up.  I held the note in my hand, wondering why the hell someone I did not know would give me a note telling me to do certain things for my own protection.  “Sky?  I’m going to make a call real quick.  Hang tight for a few minutes.  Lucy will be here any moment with Marshal to pick us up” Dad said, pulling me out of my thoughts. I nodded and did as I was instructed. I waited patiently and silently.  “Oh and what are you pathetic paragons going to do about it?”.  My eyes turned toward the direction of the owner of the voice that just spoke out. The two men I saw before had returned, but with another person.  It was also a male but his hair was an unnatural red that shown like fire.  He wore no shirt, revealing a tattoo that looked like a pentagram.  An occult member? I started to walk over to give the first two men a piece of my mind…and part of my shoe for the stupid note but stopped in my tracks, shivering.  The temperature around me instantly dropped as I looked at the group.  The tall man had removed his tunic, exposing the rest of his torso. His body was well built and abs carved like marble.  The henna art that I saw on his neck trailed down his arms and the sides of his abdomen.  In his hand was a sword.  Without thinking, I ran to the men.  Wait! Put your weapon down my mind screamed for my voice had silenced itself from fear.  Apparently the short man heard me for he immediately grabbed my arm and hid me behind him.  “This is not a fight you are to interfere with Sky O’Dell” he said tensly, focused on protecting me.  My eyes narrowed at his words as the tattooed man made a fatal blow to the red haired man in front of me.  The victim fell to the ground coughing, trying to catch his breath.  “Foolish Hellion.  I thought warning you was enough.  Now burn in the fire that was rightfully prepared for you!” the tall man cried.  As his final words echoed in the terminal, the cries of the red haired man drowned as his anatomy turned to dust before my eyes and soon into nothingness.  I looked up to see what other people were thinking.  A woman was standing at a shuttle stop to get to her car. A child was tugging his mother’s hand impatiently, wanting to play.  A man in a Gianni business suit continued to talk on the phone about an upcoming meeting.  None of them had see the hireling’s cruel fate.  “You killed him…” was all I could mutter out, stunned.  The tattoo man put his blade away as he spoke.  “Yeah…no thanks to you lethalite”.  My eyes snapped up at him, glaring.  “And why is it my fault dumbass?” my words shot out.  I did not appreciate being called something with the word lethal in it nor did I like this fool’s rudeness.  The other man rested a hand on my shoulder and stared sternly at his companion.  “Gavin, It was not her fault.  She had no clue that her return has caused the uprising of the Hellion.  Do not lecture her”.  The last words left no comfort for me.  The thought that I unleashed some…Helli something…it was disturbing.  Gavin bent down to my eye level.  “You know, for a lethalite you really are stupid.  I thought you looked like someone who could read”

                “What was that jackass?!”

                “I’ll make it easier.  What part of you can’t go home do you not understand?”

                Now I have really had it with this loser now that he left me with no alternative.  My fist balled up and flew straight into his stomache making him double over.

                “I’ll make this easier for you jerk!  What part of bullcrap do you not understand?”






© 2009 Kyarri

Author's Note

Again, this is not based on City of Bones or Angels and Demons by Dan Brown....because frankly I have no clue what Angels and Demons is about or have read City of Bones.

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A Chapter by Kyarri