What are you?

What are you?

A Chapter by Kyarri

After seeing the man in the airport kill what he called a Hellion, Sky receives yet another note...but from the man's friend, requesting to meet her.


Lucy arrived with my little brother Marshal around nine thirty and took us all home.  I remained silent during the car ride, angered about a few things. First, I was angry about the fact that I was belittled by a complete stranger, second, I was told I couldn’t return to my own home, and finally, a promised interview was cancelled due to the fact that I was out of state.  This was definitely not the best way to be welcomed home. “So…how was Wisconsin?” Marshal asked me, in hopes to break the silence. Marshal has never been one for awkward situations or silence.  I couldn’t help but smile at my brother.  “Wisconsin was cool.  Really busy right now with Summerfest and Country USA going on, but it was a good trip”.  He nodded at my response and continued to play with his Transformer figurine while I stared into the outer world of the car.  Do you not like to listen to warnings? The voice rang through my head and my gut was telling me it was that Gavin guy.  His persona was now creeping me out.


                I’m sorry but I refuse to listen to any freak who tells me I can’t return home or calls me something with the word lethal in it.


                That’s your reason for stupidity?  You choose to not take the advice of a person that is not like you because you were called lethalite? That is pretty pathetic.  Listen to me! You seriously cannot return home!


                And why not?!


                Because some events will occur that will be a fell action towards you! That job interview was a start!


I couldn’t take anymore of this.  I didn’t respond back and thought of hateful things in hopes for him to shut up.  To my luck, Gavin’s voice was gone and I had finally reached home.


                “Hey Sky guess what? We got the Corpse Bride now so we can watch it together! And we got the winter Olympics game for the wii system!” I just barely stepped into my room and Marshal was hugging me tight and jumping up and down.  Because of his autism, Marshal has a hard time with making friends or going to visit them so he would get very lonely.  It tickled him pink that I was back because now he had his big sister to talk to and play with.  That right there made me happy to see as I felt the cinnamon roll I ate earlier wanting to come back up from all the jolting.  “Wow buddy that is great! Let’s do that later.  Big sis is a little tired and still needs to unpack. Ok?” I smiled warmly. After a few moments to process, Marshal smiled back and nodded, bounding off to the living room to play his new games.  I looked into my room and began putting my belongings away when I began to shudder.  Something about my room didn’t feel right, as if someone was watching me. 

“Ok I don’t know who you are but you better get the hell out of my room before I make you regret just stepping in here!” I said.  There was no response so I relaxed and continued to unpack.  As I placed my clothing into their proper drawer, I noticed the difference.  “Hey Marshal? Did mom move my registration file for college?” I asked.  Marshal poked his head down the hall.  “I don’t think so.  But she did ask me about some ripped up papers that were burned in the trash can”.  I felt my heart stop. My gut was telling me something as I ran to the kitchen trash can.  Sure enough, inside the container was my registration form, shredded into tiny pieces and burned to nothing but ash. Shoot! That is so not cool! I was suppose to be registering today! Walking back to my room, I retrieved my purse and car keys, planning to stop at the college to pick up yet another registration form so that I would be able to return it the next day and to go to the mall to meet with two of my friends and try to relieve the stress that I was now currently under.  Picking up my keys, my hand fell upon another note.                       


                Sky the Lethalite,

                                Please  meet me at the Superstition Mall today at two thirty.  There is much for me to tell you.

                      Peter Songbird

I read the note again in hope to recognize the name but had no luck.  Well, I guess I could just go to the college tomorrow and visit my friends now. That way I can talk to this Peter guy.


                “SKY CHAN!!! BIG SISTER!!!” a high pitched voice rang out as it’s owner can towards me.  My smile widened with joy as I embraced the girl.  “Mylee! I’m so happy to see you! You look great!” I giggled as our second companion Tess came over as well.  Mylee is the type of girl who will get excited over the smallest thing or gets very angry when something precious to her is hurt.  Tess on the other is the genuine persona of a female dog and is proud of it. It even got to the point that we had our own small gang where each of us had our own nicknames such as s**t, hooker, w***e, Lolita, tramp, a*****e, and pimp.  “Hey s**t! You’re not white anymore!” Tess smirked, poking fun at my paper white chest area that was now slightly tan from a sunburn.  I couldn’t help but make a comment back.  “You got something against us brown people?” was all I could come up with to make Mylee laugh.  “Oh Sky you really haven’t changed one bit”.  I smiled and walked with them, my mind still focused on the note and earlier this morning.  Why was I the only one who saw them?  “Yoohoo! Sky come back to us!” Tess said, waving a hand in front of my face bringing me back to reality.  “oh sorry! I’ve been really tired lately so I might zone out a few times.” Was my only response.  Mylee giggled.  “Sky, we need to hang more often.  Then you wouldn’t be so tired!” she said with a smile.   I smiled back, because what she said was truth.


                I began looking around the mall after Mylee and Tess went home, searching for Peter.  You know, one would think a person would leave you the meeting place at the mall with a descripition of himself.  It then occurred to me why he didn’t.  When you go to this particular mall, there are only a few places where you can be sure to talk privately or meet a person important.  The Coffee Beanery. I went down the escalators and sure enough, there was the man from earlier today, now well groomed wearing a black button up shirt, jeans and vans slip on shoes.  To my surprise, everyone else saw him this time and couldn’t help but stare at his visage.  It got to the point that the girls near him tried to flirt with him, only to be rejected politely.  Wow. I wonder what he wants if he is making himself visible. I walked over to the table he was sitting at and to my surprise, he stood up and led me into the coffee shop, smiling warmly to the point any girl would melt in his arms.  “I’m sorry for calling you out here, but I don’t think it’s fair to you that you have no clue as to what is going.  What coffee do you like?” he spoke soothingly. I was flabbergasted.  Why couldn’t all guys be this kind? “Uh…would it be ok if I just had a raspberry Italian soda? It’s alright and I appreciate that you want to inform me of what’s going on”.  I began to wonder if I really should have heeded Gavin’s warnings when my phone rang. 



“Sky? It’s me Simon. I…uh…just wanted to make sure you got to Phoenix safely”.

I couldn’t help but smile, listening to my dad’s soldier.  I met Simon while in Wisconsin.  He did push-ups for dad because before him, Simon told me that I needed to come to Wisconsin more often for it made my dad a lot nicer.  That move is a big no no when it comes to my dad and work.  I also helped Simon with his work and he would give me a ride in one of the gators…and speed really fast for fun.  Simon was the first guy I warmed up to there…and made respect me.


“I got off fine thanks for asking.”

“Oh good. I just wanted to make sure…your dad’s not around is he?”

“Ha ha! No he’s at home right now.  I’m out doing some…errands I guess you can say.”

“Heh. Ok.  I’ll let you go then.  Um Sky? Do you mind if I call you later tonight? Just so we can talk or something?”

I couldn’t help but giggle.  This guy was too funny for words. He better hope I don't tell daddy that he called.

“Sure. I would like that.  Be safe up there Simon.”

You be safe down there Sky.  I’ll talk to you later”

“Ok. Bye”

The evil and well known smile that was on my face when I heard Simon’s voice was still plastered on as I hung up.  “I’m sorry I took long. The line seems to never end in there”.  Peter came back out of the coffee shop carrying a cup of black coffee and a clear cup of Italian soda.  I smiled and sat down with him at a table nearby.  After a few sips of our beverage, Peter ended our silence. 

“Sky O’Dell, Please stay away from your home.  You are truly in grave danger as we speak”.  His tone was serious, but sympathetic.  I shook my head and took another sip in annoyance. “Why? What danger am I in that I can’t even step into my own home for?  I don’t understand”.  Why should I be forbidden to go into the structure that I spent fifteen years of my life in and felt secure?  Peter sighed and stood up, throwing his empty cup away, beckoning me to walk with him.  “Sky, what do you know about Hellions?” he said, holding my hand to pose as a boyfriend so that no female could interrupt our conversation.  I thought for a moment quietly. 


“Hellion…isn’t that another word for demon?”

“That is correct.  I’m glad you are educated enough to know other terms.  Tell me everything you know about demons”. Educated enough?! Was he trying to pick a fight with me?!

“Well…I know they were angels but when the master of music fell, they followed.  They can possess people easy…”

“Ok that’s good enough.  Just out of curiousity, what were your thoughts about this-”

“Peter! What the heck are you doing?”

Peter and I both turned around to find Gavin behind us, and not exactly on the happy side. In fact, Mr. Sunshine was glaring at me. I only rolled my eyes in response and he shook his head.

“I should have known.  I’m guessing Peter called you out here right?”

“Good guess.  He did and he was even going to explain to me what the heck is going on before you decided to barge in like the jerk you are”.  What was his problem? Is it a bad thing for me to know what danger I’m in? Gavin rolled his eyes in annoyance and looked towards JC Penney’s.  His eyes narrowed as he looked at an emo teenager with short spikey hair in the back and long in the front.  It reminded me of a duck’s butt. As I continued to stare on, I felt two strong arms pull me close to a body. Gavin leaned close to my ear and whispered.  “This place is no longer safe to talk.  I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to take you”.  Take me? Take me where? What is going on? My mind was racing with so many questions which were interrupted suddenly.  The emo was now before us with a disturbing smirk on his face.  Close up, I was able to get a better look at him.  His eyes were a dark garnet red and outlined with black eyeliner.  His shirt and pants clung to his body, revealing his intriguing carved figure.  His physique was enough to make anyone of the opposite sex…or any homosexuals attracted to. Basically the stuff that...well...made me want to punch him in his pretty little face to give some disfiguration. “Awe why must you leave now? We haven’t even begun to have fun yet!” he said, mainly staring at me.  Gavin pulled me closer to him, reaching for his weapon.  I looked around for help but yet again no one was looking at us.  They can’t see us, even you.  We made it to be that way for everyone’s safety. Apparently not, because now I’m in the way too! 


“Silence Hellion! State your business and return to your master’s side”

“Nice try Paragon.  This is my territory that you are invading.  I’m here for the lethalite.  My master greatly desires her.  Although…I wouldn’t mind having my fun with her before completing my task”.  I froze and stayed close to Gavin now freaked. For some odd reason a list of names came to mind and one stood out more than the others. “Yoichi.  The hellion of bewitchment, or otherwise known as the seductive first...in my terms, one freaky pervert”.  All three of them looked at me in surprise and I don’t blame them.  All that I’ve done was look at the Hellion and determined who he is.  It was creepy to do really. Gavin looked at the hellion, angry.

“You’re the one behind the recent rapes and murders lately,” Peter remarked, upset about the situation as much and that I was with them right now.  Yoichi only smirked and bowed. “Yoichi of the Japanese occult, an honor to meet you Peter Songbird and Gavin Strongheart…and you too Skylar O’Dell. My master has a special job for you young lethalite”.  Now it was my turn to glare back.  “Freak, you are validating my mistrust of strangers!” I snapped, immediately causing Gavin to cover my mouth.  Don’t speak. Any words you use, he will use against you. That is one of his weapons and best way to seduce his victims. I obeyed Gavin and stayed silent. Yoichi looked back at Gavin and Peter.  His smirk was gone and now he looked more serious.  It was then that I noticed his pentagram, it was located on the back of his neck, and now finally revealing itself.  My gut feeling began to speak to me. A fight was going to spring.  Sky, hide behind the information desk. You’ll be safe there.  I promise to explain everything after this. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I went underneath the desk and curled into feeble position.  Why was this happening?  “AAAAAAAAAhHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” came a terrifying cry.  I took a peek from my hiding place and saw where the scream came from.  Before my eyes, I saw the Japanese Hellion burning alive with Peter restraining him and Gavin using an electric chain on Yoichi, setting him ablaze. 

“RAARGH!!! CURSE YOU PARAGONS! YOU WILL MEET YOUR FATE SOON” and with that, Yoichi disappeared into dust. I shivered, a little scared and at the fact that the dude couldn’t come up with a cheesier comment.  I mean seriously couldn't he be more generic than that? Peter was the first who came up to me.  His expression was sympathetic as he offered me a hand.  “Sky, do you understand why you can’t be here?” 


“I don’t, but I sure as heck would like to, and I would also like to know what the heck you guys are!” came a voice that I recognized immediately.  The voice belonged to my dear friend Ebony, and to my luck, Lura, Marie and Krysta were there too. Krysta glared with her arms folded at Gavin.  “Yes. Please explain why our Sky can’t be here you big jerk!”

 Wow...why is it that no matter where I go, I find crazy people?

© 2009 Kyarri

Author's Note

Again, read my last notes for the book and chapter. I don't think my grammer was too bad in this one.

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