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The Final Hoo-Ah

The Final Hoo-Ah

A Story by Kyle B. Stiff

I had to write an extremely short story for a contest. The end result may have been the greatest science-fiction mini-epic of all time, The Final Hoo-Ah.


Operation: Pregnant Camel reached its finale when the battleship Amen crossed the furthest reaches of deep space and dropped its deadly payload: The Space Marines of Xe Company, bringers of death and freedom to every once-habitable world in a universe filled with sentient beings too stupid to accept the corporate hegemony of the Republic without endless orbital nukes and groundside invasions.

Commander Dahmer stood before his men at the entrance of a cavern on the dark world of Therion Prime. “Alright ladies and girls,” he said to his all-male battalion, “we’ve done a lot of awesome s**t in our day and conquered every goddamn world and every s****y species we’ve come across - except this one. Now I know you dickheads have been real sore that every planet we’ve come across has been inhabited by fuckers that look exactly like us. I’ll be the first to admit that exploring space has turned out boring as f**k. We’ve all seen Star Wars and s**t like that, and I know you signed up because you thought you’d meet some Ewoks. You wanted to see an Ewok and shake his hand and roast a hot dog with him, but instead we’ve had to deal with humanoid dumbasses who think they can run their affairs without the Republic. We’ve had to kill insubordinate c**k-smokers all the way from Kandanaru to Eleseia. But this is it, boys! Once we conquer this s**t-hole, we can retire like heroes! Can I get a HOO-AH?!”

After Commander Dahmer received his shouts of hoo-ah, he gazed heavenward and said, “I’ll never forget when I signed up. I was on that rollercoaster on Orbus … you know, the one that goes upside down and jerks you back and forth for forty-five minutes?”

“I s**t myself on that one, sir!”

“So did I, son! In fact, when I stepped off that b*****d I said to myself, I said, ‘There’s got to be more to life than unrequited bloodlust and a pair of ruined pants.’ So I signed on, had my weak-a*s childhood memories erased, and before long I was balls-deep in medals. Well… I don’t have s**t else to say except hoo-ah, so let’s move.”

The marines loaded their firearms and entered the cavern. They passed through halls of deep darkness and felt dread, the sense of drowning in a cramped, sunken steel ship. They came to a black chamber and heard creatures singing, but they could not look because their eyes were glued to a giant loom atop a grand stage. Clack rang the steel shuttle, and the Commander saw human lives written in the shining thread, alive and humming and full of light. He saw humans killing humans, their fates woven by the hand of the master weaver. His arm moved and something cold pressed against his head. He forced his eyes to look upon the one who worked the loom. He saw a face pale and frozen, and the eyes were like pits, alien and empty of conscience.


© 2016 Kyle B. Stiff

Author's Note

Kyle B. Stiff
I appreciate any and all comments. Thanks for reading!

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Added on April 10, 2016
Last Updated on April 11, 2016
Tags: military, post-apocalyptic, empire, imperial, dystopian, space, dark


Kyle B. Stiff
Kyle B. Stiff

Louisville, KY

I was influenced by the 80s. The bright glow of simple, iconic video games, the inorganic, DMT-flavored vibe of electronic music, a glowing futureworld always on the brink of violent collapse, and mov.. more..