Love Is

Love Is

A Poem by Simplicity

Love is a river.
It eventually tires you.
Love is an ocean,
It eventually drowns you.
Love can be anything.



It is fleeting,
It is wonderful.
It can be shallow, like a puddle,
Or deep, like a lake.
Either way, it can find a way to kill you.



This emotion is both a nuisance
And an adventure.
Love as deep as an ocean will take you under,
And you will never see it coming,
Nor will you care, if it means
Your loved one is there.



Love as shallow as a puddle can’t kill you,
But then that won’t be called love,
Only lust.



It is both a life saver and a murderer.
When used right, you feel happy, light hearted,
And unbeknownst to you, you are saved.
When used as a weapon, you are unconsciously,
Murdered, yet still alive.


Only love can do that.

© 2009 Simplicity

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*gets all serious* This is a very beautiful poem. You really captured the idea of love.

Haha. Hi, Ben! ^^

I am serious, though. This is a really good poem and I'm pretty sure I've read it before...

Posted 13 Years Ago

Love is such a hard emotion to describe... yet, your images captured the many forms that the feeling can morph into. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of capturing love is, infact, the way that it often is different in every circumstance and for every person. The images of water-- lakes and puddles--- described the two most common differences perfecting. Puddles, which can do little more than soak the bottoms of your jeans, making you feel uncomfortable, can not hurt you... but what is there in any relationship that has no risk, adventure, or depth? I loved this image because it is so easy to connect to and visualize... but, it is also original and meaningful. I could go through your poem, line by line, annotating connections, personal comments, and highlighting the genius and strength in your words, but surely, you would tire of reading it all. This is one of the most meaningful pieces of poetry I've read in a long time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words... I am now speechless.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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