Self Loathing Saved By Love

Self Loathing Saved By Love

A Poem by lackluster

a man's internal struggle with an unknown from past in dreams. best friend/lover standing by side to help, but she's helpless

his nightmare:
I was surrounded by darkness in an instant.  
I try to think of her, my lover saves.
My eyes still played tricks adjusting to the shadows
That reflected a man... then a child. 
Both were faint, absolute, yet terrifying.  
What do they symbolize?
Which do each represent to me?  
The bare feet slip on the cold, wet concrete.  
My fear is real, but are the details? 
I remember closing my eyes last night 
With intentions of returning to my beloved again.   
Just as I attempted to scream for my truelove,  
I woke up with my body sticking to the bed, 
Completely soaking the sheets with sweat.  
None of this fear is intentional.
My sleep is haunted with discomfort.
My dreams are nothing of what they used to be. 
In theory I would agree that I have a final decision in my dreams.  
I'm sorry to my beloved that the nightmares have overcome.

her requiem:
I watch you sleep; eyes constantly moving, 
Dreaming of the good that your mind refuses to remember.
Only the monsters remain when you awake.
If our dreams could be merged to one,
You would see how happy and loved you are in my own.
I sleep to find you in infinite bliss with me.
If only you could finally realize,
The people in your dreams are pieces of you,
Love yourself as I love you, and you'll be at peace at last.
You avoid sleep, which in turn gives me none.
Come to bed and evade the cold and wet.
Warmth is so strong when we're together.
Knowing you are rested sets my mind at ease.
Knowing You might help us, makes me eternally grateful.
But who are you?
Can we do it alone?
Just sleep, darling.

© 2011 lackluster

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I think in and outside the box. Sometimes I will just make a new box entirely. Who said it has to a box anyways?? ha I would much rather use a coffin. I will take meaning and manifes.. more..

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