A Chapter by the nothing


you think your safe becuse your doors are locked

realy do you think I'm an idot.

rember those few minutes you forgot to lock your door and you came runnig to lock

well you were to late.

Like the stuff of nighmare I hide under your bed.

you gave up such chidish thoughts has the boogie man. but I've made it my life's work to strike fear into the hearts of those who belive they have none. No sceptic is safe from my knife. slowly I've been stalking you for a day now although I've been planning this for weeks now

slowly I shove my nkife throug your bed were your husband lies I sever  a major artery killing hin instantly don't wory he didn't suffer couldn't have him wakeing you up that would be incredable rude.

I wait a few secounds after killing

when I will make my move is something I don't even know I must wait untill I get into the "mood"  

This is my favorite moment right before the kill

the unsupecting  untilll....NOW!!!!!!! I ripe through the bed with my knife (thank you temapite) and rere my head from the gapeing hole.

I'm a fan of V for vedeta so Why not wear his mask. you taking a deep breath before you scream

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" oh how I enjoy the screams of fear you get up and run from your maker.

with slow steps I follow.

but were will you run outside,

No, my victum is smart you know that fiddling with the door would give me plenty of time for a fetale blow so you run upstairs  locking the batroom door behind you. the door is thin

I could easily punch through the  the hit,

but why waist a perfectly good manicur so I just launched my knife through the door

you were bent over out the window almost out when the blade went up a hole that wasn'tent for it to go up. and as you fall I here your presious screams untill



© 2009 the nothing

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Huh, odd, but not bad. I notice you forget some question marks.
And eww the ending is gross, but overall it was a good read!
Thanks for the request,

Posted 10 Years Ago

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omg wow! lol ! i like the new eding lol! there are a few repetions of a word but but its an honest mistake lmao! i luv it and can't wait for more.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 1, 2009
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the nothing
the nothing

in your house, can you see me

love is blind but death can see sucks for you more..

Leavin Leavin

A Poem by the nothing