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"Jacob" susan called my name "Damn" I cursed under my breath.

I was deep in the woods, away from ceviliaton.

Tonight was a full moon and any other day I could controll my tranformations

but not tonight the neon moon would be my girlfreind's demise oh well

this is why I'm not married.

"ahhhhhhhhhhh" I sceamed in pain as my bones began to shift

she knew very well the dangers of us dateing

but she said "I love no matter what."

she fell in fear

"MOVE NOW" I tried to provoke her, but she just laughed

"now" she hissed. At that sevral vampires were on me, fangs pirced my skin.

slowly she croched in front of me "they wont kill you" she began,"I wont let them"

she knew what she was doing, if they drained half of my blood in the mddle of a

transformation the terror of Evito (my alterego)

also knew what he was doing. If they didn't time it just right

and I finnished my morph I he  we would become one of the strongest beans known to man

"AHHHHH" I let out another scream as my transfermation spead up

It was too late. All 5 vampires were thrown of

they all stared into the blood red eyes of a giant.

they all took two steps back at the order of there leader susan

"tell me wolf,what is your name" she asked


"Evito"  He used his mind to cominicate with her

"thats latin, what dose it mean" 

"heartless"  he replyed coldly.  she balled up  her first

but stoped inches in front of his face

"If you weren't...." she began "if I wern't what, in your lover's body" 

slowly he began to shift back into my body.

they circled eachother. this was he was in a more concentrated form 

her "gang"  watched helplessly as their leader dug her own grave 

susan eyes turned into a liquid black that mimicked mine...his as she lunged at Evito.

he just laugh, without moveing a muscial he swated her down with pure energy

she held her hand up to stop her people from attacking.

this was his plan all along,now that  her blood seemed to burn he could se her veins in a translusent red.

with her next move she attempted to kick but he caught her leg with ease severing one of her vein. 

Once she hit the ground, he was on her alomst instantly and within a few secounds he cut all but one

vein,not even giveing her a chans to scream untill he was done.

he allowed me to give her one last word she asked me "how" my only reply was "cause I'm heartles" she thought it was Evito but it was all me "sorry" I finnished stabing my claw into the last vein vampires can't bleed to death but there veins carry aura through the body severingthem has the same effect as

a human

© 2009 the nothing

Author's Note

the nothing
if I get at least two reveiws by the end of the week I'll make a spin off series that explanes every thing

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Err, "Jacob"? Sounds like a twilight fanfic, what with that name and all the vamps and whatever the MC was.
I notice that again you had some grammar errors but it was good ;)

Posted 10 Years Ago

lol wow! its creepy and detailed! i great addition to your book! cant wait for that spin off lol

Posted 10 Years Ago

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the nothing
the nothing

in your house, can you see me

love is blind but death can see sucks for you more..

Leavin Leavin

A Poem by the nothing

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