I'll Always be with you

I'll Always be with you

A Story by ladybug

a story of love from a mother


    My mother is  a very special person and means a lot to me and this is my story...............

My name is kelly and I'm a senior in high school. But my story starts back when I was in 7th grade. I was just

starting my first year in jr. high and I was so nervous. My mom was being so embarrassing and i was about to cry.

She had the music from the 60's playing as loud as she could get it. People wre staring. I jumped out of the car as

fast as I could and slammed the door shut. Now my mother did not like the door to be slammed so she called me

back to the car. I sulked over to the car and she said " Don't slam the door. It will hurt the car. Please reclose it." She

said it in the nicest voice she could use. Embarrassed and ashamed I reclosed it and took a run for the girls

bathroom.  The rest of the day was good until I got home. My mom was crying and so was my dad. Now that was a

bad sign that Dad was crying. I ran to my mom side and started crying to. She said" Why are you crying sweety?''

I replied " Your mad at me for slamming the door aren't you?" Now she was laughing. "No no honey i have bad

news,'' she replied. Then Dad spoke up,'' Your mother has breast canser.'' I slumped om the floor and cried.





chapter 2


    After I had my spell I ran into my mother's arms and cried some more. I didnt't want to lose her forever so I stood

up and said'' So, whats the program? What will you do to get rid of it?" She replied'' I am going to have to take

chemo. I will lose all my hair. Now I did not want my mom to go bold. Now you see I have really long hair so I

said '' I have to go up to my room'' And I left. When I got up tomy room I opened my laptop and got on the

internet. On google I typed in locks for lovea and hit enter. I went to the first resuls and I found a thing for friends

and family. I printed it out and went down stairs to show my mom.

     thats how I ended up in the hair solon two days later.i had twelve inches in a pony tail and ready to be cut. As

the hair dresser came in I saw my mom crying. i asked'' Whats wrong?" She replied ''I am really proud of you

thank you very much.'' The I saw the sissors hit my hair and started to cut.



"Oh my gosh! I love you hair! you cut it all off!" said my best friend Sarah. "I did it for my mom." Sarah

replied"Why?" "She has breast cancer." I said gloomily."No!'' she relpied."yea." I said back. Right then I couldn't 

Handle it I started to cry. Now dont get me wrong Sarah i one of the best friends you could ever had but her 

and crying dont mix. So I ran to the bathroom and got in a stall and cried. After a while I heard the late bell and 

sat sraight up."Class!!" I thought. I got to get there. So I ran down the hall and got to my class just in time.

Mr.Burns was talking about something I don't remember but what I do remeber is that I couldn't consintrate.

When I got home there was a surprie for me......... My big sister Diana was on the couch asleep. I thought she

would be here for mom so I went upstairs to do my homework


When i came down insted of just seeing my sister I found out that her husband was her to. O asked why he was here and she said "We are going to have a baby in 2 months!" I was shocked I knew she looked a little bigger but pregnant? No way!"Why didnt you tell me like 7 months ago" I asked. "We wanted it to be a surprise.''she replied. Well did she hear about mom I don't know but I ran upsairs and strted planning a babyshower for next month.


........3 months later

It had been very hard when my mom died but the last thing I remember her telling me was"I will always be with you.'' Diana and her husband  named the baby Kendyl after my mom. The baby was born 3 weeks premuture but mom got to hold  her very own grandghild. I think God did that so my mom could hold her. God put my mom in my life for a very special reason.... to help me and I  thank god fort hat



© 2009 ladybug

Author's Note

This is fiction and I am not a senior.... I just put it in that prospective.

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great story. that was really sad.

Posted 14 Years Ago


Heart-wrenching. I don't have anything else to say except that this couldn't have been written any better.
This is great.

I shall keep reading on!


Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 13, 2009
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i LOVE writing! I am going into 7th grade and I think I have a talent in writing. I love people to read and review writing so please do more..

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