The Incandesent Glow

The Incandesent Glow

A Story by Jillisa Carrion

“No I’m ready…for this…for you,” I open my eyes looking up deep into his and say the words that acted as the catalyst for the rest of the night, “take me, Nicholas.”


It seems to be that the moment can no longer be evaded. In confession I no longer feel hesitant about the present situation. We have to do this now, it… its saturated. I see unclothed in my mind’s eye but I want it to be a reality, anything, anything will be your reality I hear him say. Its midnight and the hazy glow of the moons sliver liquid shatters upon the landscape of the bedroom. The incandescent glow of night is further illuminated with that of white candles scattered at random across the room’s layout. Two sit upon the windowsill, three more on the mahogany chest next to the bed.

I want to call for him to enter my domain, expecting nothing more or less from his romantic rendezvous. He was in control of the situation, being that I had no experience in the matter. “How are you my love?”

His voice a melting thickness dripping to my very core as he initiates the animalistic cravings we have been seeking. “Come with me,” as he leads me towards the bed he twirls me around to face him and breathes on my neck as he kisses me. Grabbing at me top he pulls it over my head as my breath hastens. I gently lead my hands towards his neck but they shake. Before I could stop them from shaking he notices and grabs my wrists kissing them both slowly purposefully. “Trust in me my love,” I couldn’t look him in the eye then, “if now is not the time then I can wait.” It was then that I could no longer hold back he would wait for an eternity if he’d must. I couldn’t allow such a thing to pass and wouldn’t. I close my eyes and let everything sink deep within me almost in preparation for this special moment that generations of ancestors have written about.

“No I’m ready…for this…for you,” I open my eyes looking up deep into his and say the words that acted as the catalyst for the rest of the night, “take me, Nicholas.”

He takes hold of me and kisses me devouring my desires bringing them to the forefront. We alternately unclothed ourselves, he took his shirt of as would I, until we were both exposed the cool air which hardened my n*****s. 

I could not stop a moan from escaping my lips …. All his gentle touches move me in ways I’ve never felt before. I tremble as I feel his bare chest graze against my own. Another moan escapes me, my actions uncontrollable-unpredictable.

The  once cool air now hot glazing over our flesh pulsate to its own rhythm as we lay on the bed observing each other’s actions and reactions. He touches me at the base of my femininity, I gasp new to the experience blushing as he continues his assault.  “Are you ok?” he asks unsure if he should continue. I nod and mmmmmmmhhh my acceptance of his caress unable to do more.  He grins a devilishly exposing his clear teeth and licks his lips in anticipation; he wants me now. I spread my legs out wide as his fingers move back and forth in rhythm to my body pulsing craving him- him inside me, take me is all I could think of. I yell out in what people have called ecstasy as I “came”.

His mouth slowly ventures forth down the inside of my thighs. His breath warm tickles me as he continues his journey; kissing me as he reached the below- sea "level line. I squirm in fear, anticipation, and above all pleasure.

He sets his hand on the outsides of my thighs pulls my flower toward his face and sucks and chews the meaty pollen. I begin to jerk my pelvis upward, I need more! He smothers his lips to that of my flowers lapping up the juices that I have generated. Back and forth his tongue lingers at my hole. UH! I can’t take it anymore! I gab at his hair pulling hard enough to grasp his attention his face in utter bewilderment at the thought that I could still move after “coming,” yet again.

“What is it?”

“I want you to take me.” 

 “Are you sure?”

“O, just take my purity and turn it into your sin,” I wanted to yell as if I were part of a Romeo and Juliet scene, instead I say, “F**k me!.”

He didn’t hesitate, what man would? But I was taken aback by the forcefulness for which he thrusted himself within me. It hurt at first at which point he paused, but I begged for more and he began his assault again. Gentle motions like waves hitting the beach side, as our anticipation grew he began to POUND into me POUND after sweet Pound, flesh colliding with sweet flesh. I came yet again yelling as if I were under attack and him moaning deeply and releasing his hot "sticky-fluid into me. I love the feeling, love the smell of our love making, love that we could collide are bodies once more after a “quick nap.”

© 2010 Jillisa Carrion

Author's Note

Jillisa Carrion
i just hope you like it ...critiques are always a good really this story most likely won't make you "hot" but none the less some what pornagraphic.

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I found it sensual but also as the other review states, somewhat innocent.
Saw a few grammatical errors, such as my own.. but still very nice read.


Posted 13 Years Ago

It's innocent but so very sexy and relatable. I really did enjoy it, but there are a few grammar/spelling errors. Such as when he first began to pull her top off, you put "me top" instead of "my top". And then there are random quotation marks that I am a little confused about the placement. But regardless, they don't take away from the quality of the story. Well done.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 19, 2010
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Jillisa Carrion
Jillisa Carrion

bronx , NY

i love to read, write, swim, and draw. i am currently learning how to ballroom dance and hopefully begin to learn fencing :) more..