chapter 5

chapter 5

A Chapter by Mskendra Renee



Chapter five

"ahh, please what's happening let me go!" a woman screams as she's carried through a door.

Rebecca had gotten use to the screams as they'd brought in many woman in the time shed been there. shed tried escaping again but they kept her body numb so it would be impossible for her to try and escape. she wasn't certain but she was sure shed only been held for a couple of weeks. Her belly was growing big as she lay strapped to the white cotton bed. time after time Dr. Nummon would come in with other doctors and give her injections. she screamed and jerked in pain as her body would react to the liquid as if it were poison. 

The Glass door opens as Dr.Nummon , Sarah and two other man enter with her injections. The doctor pulls up a chair next to her and takes her heart rate .

" how are you feeling today?" he ask as he opens her eyes.

" get you f*****g hands of me" she says snapping her jaws at him.

they talked to her as if she wasn't aware of what was happening to her. She was so angry at her self for not seeing what was right in front of her. back when she was laying in the hospital bed and Dr. Nummon and his evil henchmen Sarah came in she should have felt something was off. however she didn't and shed been paying the price ever since. he takes her arm as he gives her the first injection but she doesn't feel what she did before. all she felt what the pain of the needle as it pierced through her skin to her vein. The doctor in the other don't have the confused look as she does its almost like they knew she wouldn't have any reaction. he inserts another and then another and then they all step back.

" ahhhh" she screams.

looking at her arm she sees something black travel up her arm down her neck and chest. the black substance divides like an umbrella over her entire stomach. as if something was trying to get out of her stomach she jerks in pain screaming. they just watch and take notes  as her body violently thrust up and down. her body jerks up into an arching position and she stops moving. Her eyes turn white as branch like black veins come from her eyes. screaming and snarling she breaks the strap ,slashing at them revealing her claws on her hands. the two men run to her holding her down as Sarah tightens the restraint. drenched in sweat she lays on the bed grasping for air as she calms down.

" what was that ?" she ask in between breaths.

" a stronger dose of your injections. it seems like the child is developing quickly so we have to keep up." he laughs checking her pulse again.

" what are you doing with those women back there?" she whispers

"they're like you Rebecca , back in that room there's separate glass rooms like yours. we give them mostly the same injections as you but each one is different. your all here for a good cause trust me."

" are you serious? you kidnapped me and just admitted to taking other woman. how long have i been here?" she yells at him.

" oh i see well you've been here for two weeks going on three now . expect you to give birth in about four more weeks."

He and the two men leave the room as Sarah sits in the chair. Dr.Nummon and his man go to each room giving the other woman the same injection. they all swear and threaten him as they to jerk , some getting loose and injuring the staff. After Rebecca's first escape attempt he gathered all his compatible test subjects and begin his experiments. 

" i told you that your baby is special just like the other woman . your baby wont grow like other children or act as so. do  you want to know the sex of the baby?" she asks .

" Go to hell" she barks turning her head away.

" your having a baby boy" stroking Rebecca's hair.

© 2015 Mskendra Renee

Author's Note

Mskendra Renee
ignore grammar problems lol

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Added on July 3, 2015
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Mskendra Renee

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