chapter 1

chapter 1

A Chapter by Mskendra Renee

Sarah and Damiens live is thrown upside down.

Chapter one
"Yeah sure i will, love you too" Rebecca giggles. 
She hangs up the phone and sits back in the seat , closing her eyes. 
"She just wants to know how the appointment goes" Damien laughs as he places his hands on her stomach.
just two weeks ago Rebecca woke up throwing up and then later on taking a pregnancy test. filled with excited they both started planning the baby's room not even know the sex . 
"Yeah I know, its just I'm just nervous that's all" 
"I am to! I'm going to be a dad" He says laughing 
She leans over to give him a kiss on the cheek but knocks over he bottle of water. when she gets back up into her seat she starts reading 'What to expect when your expecting'. Damien doesn't believe in reading to be a good parent but doesn't criticize her for it. he slows down as the light turns yellow , then coming to a complete stop. she starts thinking about how there baby will look in a couple months. will he/she have her eyes or his , color of there hair , what they'd be like. It all seemed surreal for moment as the light turns green. the flips the page and then everything goes dark and she feels like she's spinning. People stopped in amazement as a trucks slams into a four door blue S.U.V. the sound of metal scrapping against each other as the S.U.V crumpled like paper. Glass sprayed over the road as the car flipped and tossed down the road. Tires screech as the driver slams his feet on the brakes. the tumbling car come to a halt as the truck swerves off to the right . being some what lucky enough not to hit any one else. Still in the dark she feels like she's in a oven and smells gasoline. opening her eyes slowly she sees the front window cracked and something leaking. in a panic she realizes its not coming from the car its on her face. she touches the liquid , starting to hyper ventilating   as she jerks in pain. she looks over at her husband and he's pasted out with blood coming from his chest. 
"Damien! Damien" She yells with tears coming down her face. 
He slowly opens his eyes blinking rapidly as he too realizes they've been in a wreck. Looking at her he cry's in joy knowing she's awake and with only a cut on her forehead.
"Can you get out of your seat belt" He asks as she attempts to get the seat belt from around her.
They both start viciously trying to undo their belts as they see the flames getting bigger. they both scream and plead for someone to come and help them. Damien grabs her hand holding it tight  calming her down. they hear sirens as a man runs to the upside down , inflamed car. 
"Now ma'am i need to  reach across your lap and cut the belt off you" She nods her head as he pulls out a knife. 
 She resists the man as she drops and he tries pulling her out . he drags her out of the car gently to his car, taking off his jacket and placing it on her shoulders. though tired and dazed she search's for her husband , stopping at his eyes as he mouths ' i love you'. the man runs back to the car but is blown back as the car explodes. Rebecca screams lunging towards the car screaming Damien's name. she stops feeling a sharp pain in her back and stomach  looking down she sees something sticking out of her stomach. she faints falling to the ground as blood starts flowing from her body. the ambulance arrive some moments later then taking her to the  nearest hospital.
"I was called that my daughter, Rebecca Stern was admitted here"  Janice asks running up to the receptionist.
She was  out and about shopping for grocery's  for diner when she got a call about her daughter being in a wreck. She almost hit three people driving to the ER , calling Rebecca's older sister, Meg.
"Yes she is here , could you wait for her there and a doctor will be with you shortly."
The woman point to the waiting area and then continues typing. Janice goes and sits down , immediately calling other family member to call about Rebecca whereabouts. Janice feels them in about the situation as they arrive. they wait impatiently , pacing back and forth an stopping with when a doctor starts walking towards them. its seemed like all the air in the room disappeared ,the ground became like quick sand as he slowly walked up to them. 
"Are you Rebecca's doctor?" Meg blurts
"Yes and don't worry she's just come out of surgery and in a couple more hours you  can go back and see her."
"What about Damien? i haven't anything about his condition" Janice asks
"Well ma'am I'm sorry to tell you that Mr. Stern was pronounced dead on scene. We've contacted his family about his death."
"Oh my god how horrible... wait , my daughter she's two weeks pregnant , how is the baby?"
Its blurry and cold as Rebecca opens her eyes , confused as she looks at the blue ceiling. she's in a blue room with machines hooked up to her and people walking outside. realizing she's in a hospital she starts to sit up but stops feeling the pain in her stomach. She begins to cry as she realizes that she'd been in a wreck and that her husband was gone. she felt something come over her as she lay back into the bed feeling empty. her mothers runs into the room with her older sister and auntie. looking as if they've been up all night as they're eyes were red , puffy with bags underneath. they hug Rebecca so tightly she could breathe.
"Oh my goodness I'm so happy your alright." Janice says wiping the tears from her face. 
"I thought id never see you guys again . I'm so happy to see you all." 
"Oh the thought of my baby sister being in a crash."  she cries hugging her tightly.
"Has anyone called Mr. Stern about his son? Oh mom it was so horrible , i saw the car explode, cant believe Damien is dead." She cries.
The door creaks open as a doctor comes in with a clip board.
"Hi my name is Mr. Welters ill be your appointed during your recovery. it'll take sometime for you to recover from the injury from your stomach and your head but  you should be out of here in a week or so. "
"Well at least that's good ...hows my baby? my stomach is hurting.. is there somthing safe you can give me? 
"I'm sorry Mrs. Stern , your baby was to badly injured from the injury you sustained during the accident."
she breaks down crying as her mothers wraps her in her arms. for the remaining time she was there she just moped and stared with a blank stare. she wouldn't eat anything and barley drunk water. her family would come and visit her frequently however it was like she wasn't even there. feeling like there was a whole in her heart and rocks in her stomach. having an out of body experience watching her self wither away. The spark in her eyes were gone and her hair looked dry and dull. It had only been one week and four days since she'd lost her husband of three years an lost her baby. Waking up  all hours of the night screaming for her husband as she dreamed of watching him over and over again being burnt alive in they're car. The fear in his eyes as the flames engulfed his body , his screams echoing in her ears. she sits waiting in a wheel chair as her mother brings the car around. she gets out of the wheel chair slowly as her mother assist her. she looks at the sky counting each street light as they head to her mothers home only a couple of miles away. she went to Rebecca's home early and got her some clothes and any essentials shed need. Going to her home would proof to be to much , seeing the nursery and where her and Damien had  once slept.
" I've always wanted a baby and because of a man not paying attention to the light. I feel like ive lost everything , I don't know what to do with my self." She says sinking down in her seat.
" I am here for you baby, and for how ever long as you need you can stay with me until you et back on your feet. I called your job and let them know about this situation so you on vacation until you feel up to going back. " She says reaching over to grasp her hand. 

© 2015 Mskendra Renee

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