Fishes in a Net

Fishes in a Net

A Poem by LlamaLord

Finding love

Looking for the one, I am destined to find the girl.
One who watches and listens, but likes to talk about her world.
Our minds are in different places and our souls on different paths,
We find each hoping that our hearts are beating fast.
Because it is what it is.
Love is not feeling or kiss.
It is the way you live life, the way we experience this.
What comes in time will retire in happiness.
Believe me or not, I can show you. Love is bliss.
She wants to be beautiful, but has to be pefect.
She awaits my arrival and has her own verdict.
She is independent and happy, smiling and wonderful.
Hard to believe, she wants me to be in her world.
Im nothing. Im nobody. Who cares about this boy?
Im lost and my life is gone. What does it feel like to destroy?
Im unable to move, these drugs play me like a toy.
What's it like to live life, to enjoy?

Tell me girl what are you thinking?
What's on your mind and how are you feeling?
Do you like me or love me?
Do you care? Do you see?
Can you help a person who is struggling? Can you get me off my knees?

Look at you and look at you. I can't believe you're still here.
Im hopeless and waiting for this pain to disappear.
I dont understand what it's like to love and live normal.
Im lost in a daze and am struggling to be formal.
Will you stay with me tonight?
Can I listen to you sleep?
Do you mind turning off the light? Do you mind not being able to see?
Because my mind is dark and my soul is lost. I have nothing left to keep.
Ill hold you in my arms until you're fast asleep.
Dont you worry about a thing. No one can hurt you tonight.
There are people out there, like me, who don't understand what is right.
Im lost and alone, I wish you were really here.
My heart is slowing down and
my eyes are showing tears.
I want to help you and teach you every thing I know.
Im curiously productive and want to see you grow.
You're a beautiful woman, but I haven't met you yet.
One day, some how, our lives will come together like fishes in a net.

© 2014 LlamaLord

Author's Note

Brand new piece of writing! My writing has

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"You're a beautiful woman, but I haven't met you yet.
One day, some how, our lives will come together like fishes in a net."

I loved this analogy. It is very descriptive and for a second, the image of fishes intermingling in a net flashed my mind.
I have to admit, your writing has drastically improved over the time and I can see coming of a new age in your work. Very fresh and beautifully done, Austin. Loved it :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 9, 2014
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