Looking for Love

Looking for Love

A Poem by LlamaLord


What do you think about when I'm not around?
You make me who I am, but who else have you found?
Is he handsome? Is he smart?
Do you miss him? Could you part?
Could you listen to me for just a minute?
Can I trust you with my heart?

I miss you. I miss the old you.
What happened to us both?
When did you start something new?

I want to talk to you, and I want to listen. You are my only friend.
You are my only ambition.

How could I have let this happen? Where have you gone?
I've lost my only hope, but there is still nothing wrong.

You're happy and that's all that matters. I hope you move on and forget me. I hope you get what you ask for.

As for me, I do not care. These games ruined me and you can smell it in the air.

One drug too many, one drink too much. God is asking for me, he wants me to hurry up.

I do not have long, and I do not have much to say. You are my only friend. I will be gone one day.

Do not cry, do not worry. Wipe your tears, my heart is not working.

I am sad and Im alone. I am dead but I'm at home. My soul is on a leash and my mind is on a track.
You cannot control me, I am never coming back.

You will never look into my eyes again. You will never smell my scent. You will never sit and wonder, where you're boyfriend has been.

It's been a week since we talked, I wonder where he is? He usually talks to me by now. I do not know what I did.

I am gone. I am lost. I was a waste of a life. Not a single person cared, not a single person tried.

She is a beautiful girl with a perfect smile. I have not seen you lately, we have not made love in a while.

I wish I could hear your voice. I need to hold you closely. My heart is racing now, but I am
moving at a slow speed.

You cannot change my mind, for I am already gone. When they find me on the floor, they will ask you what was wrong.

You can tell them I was in love, but could not find it anywhere.
Home with no key, life is not fair.

© 2015 LlamaLord

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Added on January 31, 2015
Last Updated on January 31, 2015



Nashville , TN

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