Sunsets Lack Permanence

Sunsets Lack Permanence

A Poem by Alana McGuire

The fading of close friends in comparison to sunsets

There were days, months, years when I swore you reached our hands into the sky and pulled down the sun for us to be. 
     You told me whispered secrets of trust, fear, and mostly passion; stories I could not conceive if uttered from another’s lips.  You gave me your pain, and opened your veins to all that I bestowed upon you.
We were beautiful.
     We spun and twirled, mixing and intertwined until we were one, and not even the cemetery gates could pry us apart.  Sun, if you died, I did too.  Though you were life in the sky; you saw cracks of light emerging from the darkest corners of my mind.  You never failed to dive inside and retrieve smiles from my depths.  You must have believed I was something worth repetitional saving.
We were beauty in compaction.
     When you laughed, I lit up the world with how exuberant it made me. You were my years, and I was every single day of them. You painted maps that led to you on the back of my eyes so that I would never lose sight of us.
When we closed our eyes, we were beheld in beauty.
     Though , why does the sun fade in your absence? I follow the maps, yet you are no longer waiting with open arms and a helping heart.  Where are we?  Here I stand; I, without you.  What happened to us? What happened to the rays of joy and acceptance we once felt when we dared to bleed into one glorious happening? Sun.. Are you there?
I became lost in the beauty.
     I was so blinded by your captivating rays; I failed to notice our permanent marker memories running off of the dusty page. They began bleeding together, contorted and fading, as they found ways to erase themselves from your memory.
Oh, Sun, do you still behold the beauty?
     What happened to your precious ways of seeing things in a delicate fashion? I loved the way you changed and rearranged my thoughts into a magnificent portrait of everything we saw. Do you still see the invisible hope lying in the chambers of us all? Do you still see me?
I still see your beauty.
     Sun, I feel as if you opened my eyes and taught me how to breathe, but then you left to shine for another. For once in my life, the sun felt an eerie shade of ice upon my being.
 I wish I knew ways to thoroughly express the feelings I still feel and the sights of you I cannot unsee.  I would tell you that I would wait for you at our old place in the pouring rain and have the highest hopes that you would meet me there. I would make certain that you heard the simplest of my thoughts, “I miss us.” And most of all, I would inform you that I am well aware that this is a phase of life, but Sun, that is not a proper excuse for abandonment.
I’ll always hold onto the memories of our beauty, and to your heart and your hand.

© 2012 Alana McGuire

Author's Note

Alana McGuire
Reviews are totally welcome and definitely appreciated! :)

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wow ..good job ...n keep writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow. Great job. Reminds me of "where did I lose you're love" by Journey. Awesome work and from me it's good to be compared to a song. Keep up the good work and Yeah what the other person said you should try a short story

Posted 9 Years Ago

Have you attempted a book or short stories? You seem to have the ability to capture and hold....and that is rare.

Posted 9 Years Ago

As amazing as usual, fabulous and romantic :D! although sad xx

Posted 9 Years Ago

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