Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Karianne



      My eyes panned across the gym, as I focused only on Robyn. They were in the final moments of a volleyball game that could make or break their flawless season, and take them to the championship, or out of it all together. She sent the ball in the air, and with pure strength spiked it, sending it hurdling toward the other team. No one dared to come between that ball and the floor, so they all moved back quickly before it did any damage. 

A smile curved on her lips as she turned her back to the team. I sighed in relief while everyone else stood to cheer, as the clock struck zero, making the final score an impressive 20-15. I smiled when I caught Robyn’s eye. She immediately ran up to me, and scooped me into a tight hug. 

     "Ow ow ow," I whined, trying to get away, but still laughing. 

"We're going to the championship!" She squealed, hugging me tighter. 

"Okay, okay.  But that doesn't mean you can break me in half." I complained again. 

She let me go after a while, the grin on her face never leaving. I smiled again, and told her I'd be waiting for her by her car. She nodded, and turned her attention to her fans. I just rolled my eyes and walked from the school.





      Victory is sweet. Who ever said winning wasn’t everything, obviously never played one of the most important sport in their school. Not to mention the most important game in our season. Yep, we were going to the finals. And I’m the one who sealed the deal. After I spiked the ball clear over the net, and nearly smacked it right into the other team’s best player’s face, I knew this game was over.

I landed on my feet, backed up, and let out a huge sigh of relief. Everyone in the ground stood, and erupted with applause. I was searching for Josslyn. My eyes moved rapidly around the crowed, until they finally stopped at her. Unlike the rest of the crowed, she was sitting down, like she was just blown over by what had happened. I sprinted over as fast as I could, wrapped my arms around her, and lifted her off the ground. 

     “We’re going to the championship!” I shouted over the crowd, hugging Josslyn tighter to me. “That doesn’t mean you can break me in half.” I ignored her, and hugged her for a few more seconds before letting her breathe. I backed away, smiling. 

A few of my team mates were calling for me, but I didn’t want to leave Josslyn if she didn’t want me to. “I’ll meet you at your car,” She said, and touched my shoulder lightly, smiling before she left. I turned back to the crowd, laughing and chanting along with them.

        Back at the locker room, I was just getting my stuff ready when the coach came in. “Robyn,” She motioned for me to come into her office. I tied my shoes, and tossed my duffle bag over my shoulder. 

“Yes, coach?” A few girls were walking out of the almost empty locker room. 

“Close the door,” She said. I did so, and sat down at a plastic chair by the door, dropping my bag at my feet. 

“You played well tonight.” She sat back and crossed her legs. “Thanks, I’ve been working on that move for a while.” She nodded and continued, “What are your plans after high school?” I shrugged. “I’m not sure. I haven’t really thought about it. Why?”

“If you can play as well as you did tonight at the state championship next week, and if you play all through next year’s season, I can get you a full ride to college.” My eyes widened. Did she say what I think she said? No, of course not. Still, I asked, “How?” 

     She leaned closer and uncrossed her legs. “Sport’s scholarships. A ton of colleges would kill to have a player like you on their team.” I shook my head. “I’ve only been playing this year.” “But you’ve played many other school sports, am I right? Soccer in the fall, volleyball in the winter, cross country in the spring, and swim and dive in the summer. Not to mention your incredible grade point average. What is it again? 4.0?” “4.2.” I corrected. She smiled. “Now do you see what I’m getting at? You have talent, Robyn. Don’t let it go to waste.” I nodded. “Okay,” I whispered, and stood. “I’ll keep that in mind, coach.” 

     I grabbed my bag again, and walked out of the locker room, suddenly not feeling as well as I did just after we won the game.

        When I got to my car, Josslyn was leaning against it, her arms crossed and her face unreadable. A few people walked by and said hello, but she only half smiled and waved at them. Must have a lot on your mind. I thought as I got closer. You’re not the only one. I stopped in front of her, and smiled weakly. 

“You okay?” She asked, suddenly looking concerned. I looked at the ground and shifted from one foot to the other. 

“Um I guess.” She sighed. “Alright, if you say so. I can drive you home if you want. You must be tired.” I shook my head. “No, it’s okay. Jake said I had to have the car back by 5 anyway.” I looked at my phone. “And its 5:20.” 

She smiled and shrugged. “Okay, be careful. See you later.” I nodded and watched as she walked away.

         I started the car, and popped in a new CD I just bought. The music began beating softly out of the speakers as I pulled away from the school. It was already crowded in the streets, the post volleyball game crowd just now leaving. I sighed, and then turned up the music to block out the sounds of motors and horns. For some reason, I couldn’t get what coach said out of my mind. What do I really want to do after high school? I’ve never thought about sports as a career. I always saw myself as more of a writer.

      With the music playing, and my deep thinking, I almost forgot I was driving. I looked up sharply and swerved to avoid running off the road. S**t. I was going a good 60 mph, and after I regained control of the car, another was coming my way, pulling right out of a McDonald’s parking lot. Everything I ever learned in drivers ED went right out the window. I slammed on the breaks, and automatically went right. The car kept coming, as if it didn’t even see me. I laid on the horn, and tried to make my way off the road. It all happened so fast, I barely had time to think when the car pulled out, and slammed right into me. My car was sent flying, and rolled over the asphalt. I smacked my head right on the driver side window, and everything just went black.




     When I got to Robyn’s car, my phone started to ring. I dug it from my pocket and looked at it. Great. 

“What do you want, Jackson?” I leaned against Robyn’s car and rubbed my eyes with my right hand. 

“Aw c’mon don’t be a b***h, Josslyn.” I rolled my eyes. “Are you drunk?” He laughed loudly. “Of course! Hey there’s a party tonight, wanna be my date?” 

“You’re a f*****g moron, you know that? We broke up a month ago. Stop calling me.” I snapped my phone shut and took in a deep breath. Some of the guys I’ve dated are just so incredibly stupid. 

     I could see Robyn walking this way, and I wanted to smile, but I couldn’t. I just stood there with my arms crossed, looking like an idiot.

      “You okay?” I asked her as she got closer. She nodded. “I guess, yeah.” I could tell she wasn’t, but still, I dropped it then offered to drive her home. 

“No, it’s okay. Jake said to have the car home by five anyway.” She looked at her phone. “And it is now five twenty.” I smiled. “Okay. Just be careful.” She nodded. I walked to my car, feeling her eyes on me the whole way.

      After I arrived at my house, I realized there was no one home. Shocker. I longed for a family like Robyn’s. Small and cozy. Close. Every night her stay at home foster mom would make dinner and desert, while her foster dad, who owned a restaurant just outside of town, would complain about gas prices. Sure, it wasn't her real family. But she was happy, and so were they. 

     Since she was an only child, it was easy for her and her parents to bond. They never fought, and were always there for each other. Unlike my house, where both my parents worked late at their office jobs, Monday through Saturday. And my brother, who was the biggest wanna-be punk I’ve ever seen, was undoubtedly at the skate park smoking with his friends. I sighed. It was me and this big empty house almost every day. I hated it. I always felt so alone, so afraid. 

     No matter how many boyfriends I’ve been with, or how many friends I’ve had, I couldn’t shake this feeling of being lost and trapped within this city. The only person I feel that has helped at all would be Robyn. She’s so open, and in-touch with everyone around her. Always happy and friendly. And through all these years, she has been the best friend I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

    Of course, I would never dare mention any of that to anyone. 

      I dropped my backpack by the front door, and flicked on a light. It was cold in here. I rubbed my arms through the sweatshirt I was wearing. A month until summer and I was still wearing my winter attire. Wonderful. I pounded up stairs, flicking on every light I could manage to find until I was finally in my room. I sprawled out on the bed, and sighed deeply. It’s been a long day, I thought. 

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I looked at the clock. It was only seven. I pulled my phone out, and looked at the caller ID, expecting it to be Jackson again. But it was my mom. I raised my eyebrows and answered it. 

“Mom?” No answer. “Mom, what’s wrong?” I heard sobbing in the background. “Mom!” I shot up. “Oh, Josslyn,” “Mom, are you okay? Where are you?”

She sniffed, and then continued. “I’m fine but its Robyn…” My heart sunk to my stomach. “What the hell happened?” 

I was pacing now. “You have to come to the hospital, please. She was hit by a drunk driver…Josslyn. They don’t think she is going to make it.”

Everything my mother was telling me sounded muffled, like she was talking underwater. I dropped my phone, and it clattered to the wooden floor, breaking the battery off and sending it flying. What was happening? The only words that could come from my mouth as I drove to the hospital were, "Don’t you dare leave me, Robyn."

© 2011 Karianne

Author's Note

I still have a few kinks to work out, but I wanted to get a second opinion on if I should continue or not. please rate and review and let me know what you think.

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I liked how you used detail and the different point of views.It really expressed both chracters and how they interact in their lives.I hope you keep going with this story.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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