Let Me Tell You About Immigrants .

Let Me Tell You About Immigrants .

A Poem by Blessed_Author

All Immigrants aren't bad and dangerous, they get a bad rep, but hear this story and maybe your eyes will be opened .

My son
Let me tell you about immigrants
Who we are
And who we are not

We come to this country
To live love
And make a better future
For you and yours
We come to help you soar
To the everlasting sun
We come to enrich
To gather
To sow
To reap
We come to speak
And to be heard

Let me tell you
My son
What we are not
We are not terrorists
We are not killers
Or rapists
We do not come here to kill or oppress
We are not monsters
We are not demons
From another world
We are not
We are not liars or cheaters

We are humans
We are life
We are the ones who represent the soil of the earth
We are the vanquished
The tired
The crying

We are not Hitler or  Dzholkhar
We are human beings
We are immigrants
We are like you and yours
We are people

We are

© 2013 Blessed_Author

Author's Note

I wrote this, because I feel like the world needs to know, about immigrants, and how cruel some people can be in this subject. Please don't be rude, or hate on this, because I really did work hard on this.
Thank you .

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Not bad. You have a good concept but I think your execution comes off as needlessly explanatory - I would have liked to have seen this take a more metaphorical tone, or, if you're dead-set on this sort of form, I'd trim some of the fat here or there.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2013
Last Updated on April 23, 2013
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