where is god now...

where is god now...

A Poem by funeralmoon

" oh please god.. please, god i need you please"...

breath silently slows

the reality of it is all thats left to know

what i told you is all thats here to show

i told you your fate

and heres what you made

a living thought of a man

 one of whom 

you thought your life could stand

apon his rock

a crumbling one

but heres the thought

did he ever come?

was he ever there

when the blood hit the floor

was he ever there

when you needed him more 

no please dont answer me

i already know

what your eyes have seen

what they openly show

how you were let down

how they defied

how you were shown to bow

and listen to their lies

well its now all done

and he is not here

your little god isnt alive

hes not even real..


© 2009 funeralmoon

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really like those last few lines, very poignant, good point made. this is an awesome piece. it is angry & hateful & gets straight to the heart of reality: that maybe god is just a figment of our imaginations. a dark & amazing write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

very dark, and very demanding when you make your statement of God isn't real, and that you don't want our God, now I believe God because of my house hold, I don't pray, I admit I when I cry I will put p a few words towards him,but only hope that atleast someone will get the prayer, but you expressed yourself in this poem and that is a key to poetry, it flows lovely, you can almost hear someone over you reading it aloud with you, and that is hard to do when it comes to me, well great poem, great statement, great expressing and great job! I loved this poem and thanks for sharing keep writing! :):):):):):):):)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow this is such an angry and hateful poem. I can see what your saying in this poem and why you wouldn't believe in God. Everyone has their reason for believing and denying God. You convey your reason for not believing in God very well in this poem. So well that you could almost make someone who believed in God change their mind and completely abandon him if you tried hard enough. Beautifully written poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

damn...angry much? lol awesome poem, the words flow together to creat one beautiful hate.
I understand all too well where your coming from.
Love you babe.

Posted 12 Years Ago

okay just for readers understanding here is the summation of all things that i believe;
i believe that you are your salvation, NOT god..
also god could not even give a s**t about you, it proves why he doesnt talk to you,
now heres the killer.. if god was real if he was really real why
why wouldnt he help you when you truly needed him????

now think about that..and dont preach to me i dont want to be saved..
i dont need salvation...i dont want your god

Posted 12 Years Ago

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If one defines God.. in human terms..surely he could not exsist ..if one expects God to be as religion has taught us God is surely that does not work .. but if GOd just is the spirit of all things then God works through all creation .. yes it is a very little God ..in human terms..I believe in a bigger God..I totally can see where you are coming from here .. as well.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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We can only erase words, but not our past. I am a minimalist, who loves writing, painting, and nature. I write what I feel because it is a good outlet to channel my emotions through. I feel like.. more..

Gone. Gone.

A Poem by funeralmoon

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