Holographic-chapter 6 of a colab story...light and dark

Holographic-chapter 6 of a colab story...light and dark

A Story by Larry Dyson

chapter 6 of a colab story...light and dark




"I'm not a stranger if you know my name. Besides, you saved me. That makes us friends now, right?"



Her brain spun at the warped logic of that thought. With all her resolve Angeal spat

 back…”just cause you told Me your Name doesn’t make us friends, and explain the

‘I saved you part,… again’”. That evil cold stare returned to Axels eyes as he dropped

 the phony friendly smile he had affected to maybe fool her. Was he influencing her

 understanding by his unorthodox appearance , by stepping forth from the painting?

Or was she wise to his tricks and know that he was just a hologram, a projection of

 his real self.

Angeal wished she were back in her bed and closing her eyes tightly used her own

 magic words to see if she might be dreaming. ~!#@$! She said and waited a minute,

 then two..now three ..nope she was really here and really had to deal with this Axel

guy…yes he was handsome and cute to the max, but he also had that sneaky snake oil

kinda feel about the rest of him. Giving in to the need to move past either him or

this situation …she repeated her question again and waited.

He was showing just the slightest amount of irritation ,or was it agitation with her

Boldness, slowly repeating her question out loud.That kind of stall always provoked

 Angeal ,and when he replied…”you know what I mean”…she had enough and opened

her mouth and let him have it verbally….

Ok grease-ball….Last time I saw you ...you were fighting a Demon evil thing and you

had wings…I think….but you look different some kind of way….maybe it’s the cherry

red clothes? Looking at him from the side of her eyes...she once again sensed his evil

spirit, knowing full well he was up to no good and only appearing to be the image of

the good angel she had seen fighting the evil one. His image wavered and shimmered

as if it was difficult to maintain and he revealed himself to be a projection.

Angeal once again felt queezie in her stomach and began to pass-out , or rather start

to fall into a deep sleep, As sleep took her in, she swirled and darted about in the vortex of

her mindseye.

Seeing as clearly as in any telescope it all passed as a memory before her, laid

out in detail only she could relate to and understand.

Now she knew he was an imposter and one of the 4 demons split off from the first one, hiding

 in the picture and coming forward to steal her soul, and least he would try to. Angeal  pulled

he feather from under her waist band and held it ever so close to her eyes…waking to the

demon one of four reaching out once again as to take her hand. She said her magic words and

held tight to the feather ,and as he reached she saw the real Angels hand reach to hers and

hold it out together. Surprisingly the  Angel called her by the name she had heard before

“"harbinger!" "The omen!" …….”,making her mind to understand what it meant and its

 function in the universe. She brought the word and was the Omen Speaker…along with The


The Demon vanished and Angeal and the Angel began to sing a song of triumph..so sweet and pure

Even the stones and grass and plants joined in as well…








© 2013 Larry Dyson

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even the rocks will cry out. Evil comes in so many forms. Found the mechanism of a hologram intriguing. There is an appropriate level of "sinister" in Axel. Snakey is a great adjective for him. I am curious about these two - I want to know more....

Posted 9 Years Ago

very nice!!! great job

Posted 9 Years Ago

Nice! :) Keep writing!! ^_^

Posted 9 Years Ago

Pretty dang awsome!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The chopped up formatting makes for broken flow, of thought for the reader. Interesting storyline though.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Larry Dyson

9 Years Ago

thanx we can thank WC for that...

9 Years Ago

Yeah I know! When I edit in their text box, it still changes other parts. I usually go through the e.. read more
I could visualise this so well :) Loved it, the vanquishing and sweetness...light and triumph, detail beautifully woven, fabulous imagery...much enjoyed dear heart xoxo

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Larry Dyson

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